The Mills'

  • 2020.03.14 - 28

    ‘Be Your Own Designer: Sweatshirt Making Workshop’ by Fabrica Lab offers you to design, make and customized a sweatshirt: from sketching to assembling, using 3D body scanning, Browzwear’s software to create 3D designs and digital fabric cutting machines.

    Join the 3-session workshop and you will be able to create whatever your heart wishes for yourself or your loved ones!

    Date : 14/3、21/3 and 28/3
    Time : 2pm – 5pm
    Venue : Fabrica Lab, 4/F The Mills

  • 2019.10.19

    Design and personalize a fashionable eye-catching keychain with handmade textiles by Guizhou Villages
    Venue: Shop 108 Techstyle X

  • 2019.08.24 - 10.12

    ‘Design Your Own Bag’ workshop by Fabrica Lab offers learning opportunities and a platform to express your creativity, teaching you the skills to design and make your own techstyle product. We will provide an introductory course to various industrial machines enabling you to create your very own DIY tote bag from scratch.

  • 2019.05.04

    Please come and join The New York Times Asia-Pacific Writing Competition Awards Ceremony at The Mills Fabrica, featuring the unique and engaging insights of two renowned thought leaders with distinct career paths in the digital space.


    The Mills Fabrica and its partners, including HSBC, The Woolmark Company and Far Eastern New Century Coporation of Taiwan, explore the significance of organizations and established corporates that cultivate a large support system for the startup community and the future of techstyle in the areas of finance, materials innovation, as well as research and development.

    As an interactive platform, we welcome all innovative and sustainable techstyle startups to join us.

    “Partnership” is the theme of this issue of Fabrica.Weave, where those who aspire to be entrepreneurs will find useful information and inspiring stories.

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