Online platform for high quality customized mechanical watches.

  • Goxip

    The “shoppable Instagram” app that allows you to find and shop the fashion items you are looking for, from any picture using AI image recognition.

  • Medexo Robotics

    Multifunctional and non-invasive robotics exoskeleton devices for the disabled, injured, elderly and patients with Parkinson's disease.

  • Orii

    Orii is the first wireless audio device that’s worn on the finger.

  • Simple Pieces

    A new work-drobe for a new mindset. Designed for working women to bring their whole-selves to work. Simple yet versatile pieces made with high-quality fabrics, enabling women to showcase their authenticity.

  • Snaptee

    Pioneer mobile application that enables users to create and buy their own custom T-shirts.

  • The Fabrick Lab

    An art and design studio, creating and developing smart experimental textiles materials and techniques in a sustainable manner.

  • Unspun

    Unspun seeks to reverse climate change by 1% through 3D fit algorithm, additive and localised production. Happens to make best-fitting apparel.

  • Whoolala

    A unique platform that revolutionizes access to the Chinese Market for Asian independent designers by offering powerful digital marketing.