The Mills collaborated with Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation and six local artists to create murals for an imaginative journey along Pak Tin Par Lane. Artists interpreted our past, present, and future, covering our signature brands, manufacturing processes and bright hopes for our future.

The Past and Future of The Mills


The Nan Fung Cotton Mills thrived as Hong Kong’s textile industry flourished in the 60s. Since then, the company has led the development of local innovative industries to new heights. “The Past and Future of The Mills” celebrates the importance of striking a balance between creative development and resources conservation at The Mills.

Cat’s Cradle

Wong Ting Fung

In the past, a pair of able hands was considered a person’s most important asset to make a living. “Cat’s Cradle” honours the important relationship between The Mills’ rich history and its present innovative endeavours. Using the childhood game of cat’s cradle to symbolise endless creativity, the past and present of the former cotton mills are forever interwoven, providing support and inspiration from both sides for future generations.

The Passage of Time

Keung Lap Yu, Candice

“The Passage of Time” features a printmaking style design on a vintage colour palette. The artwork illustrates the working environment in the former Nang Fung Cotton Mills. The design also is encircled by multicoloured lines, like cotton yarn, embracing the factory workers. By imprinting the past on the wall of this new landmark, “The Passage of Time”  is a reminder to reminisce The Mills’ vibrant past.

The image of spinning female worker

Karen Pow

Historical photos from the former Nan Fung Cotton Mills showed that its factory workers were predominately female.  They were highly skilled in the complex procedure of producing cotton yarn. The collective memory of these “factory girls” are celebrated in this artwork, delicately reimagined to echo the fine yarn that they had produced.


Marka Mak

“Continuity” celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of The Mills, and the brand’s deep-rooted aspiration for innovation. The artwork recreates an enlarged unfinished embroidery of the traditional Golden Cup brand through optical illusion. Visitors are encouraged to “take hold” of the giant needle as a symbolic gesture to support The Mills’ continuing mission to promote creativity and innovation for future generations.


Rebecca T Lin

“Overgrown” pays homage to the beautifully timeworn architecture at The Mills. The artwork depicts a soothing scene of overgrown plants weaving between tall pillars, exploring the idea of “what could have been” as an alternate outcome if the former cotton mills are left abandoned. At a time when technology is moving at lightning speed and everybody is looking down at their screens, “Overgrown” reminds viewers of their surroundings and the beauty in things from the past.