The Mills'

  • 2022.10.08 - 23

    In recent years, there has been an increase in the usage of single-use plastic bags through takeaways and online shopping. Some may reuse these plastic bags whilst others may dispose of them directly into the bins. How do you usually manage your single-use plastic bags?

    Have you considered upcycling? Join our Plastic Bag Upcycling Workshop to give them a second life! You can now DIY your one-of-a-kind cardholder with 100% recycled plastic bags with personalised designs to make every cardholder unique and eco-friendly in Fabrica X.

    Let’s give plastic waste its second life and turn waste into an asset!

  • 2022.10.01 - 31

    Guided by our experienced skateboarding coaches, participants can acquire basic skills and learn about the fun of skateboarding.

  • 2022.10.07 - 30

    The MATCHA TOKYO has young tea masters in the store, showing the tea ceremony craftsmanship in a fashionable and leisurely way. In addition to let customers tasting high-quality matcha, but also experiencing Japanese tea ceremony culture. The Mills shop offers a 30-minute tea ceremony workshop, where the tea master will teach the Japanese tea ceremony face-to-face, allowing customers to make an appointment to experience the tea ceremony culture in person. Afterwards, a certificate will be given to customers, showing the persistence in the art of tea.

  • 2022.08.01 - 10.04

    In this hands-on recycling workshop, you will learn about plastic impact and experience how to transform ocean plastic waste into everyday products from flowerpots to coasters using small-scale recycling machines.

  • 2022.06.03 - 19

    Coming up with the ideal Father’s Day gift may not be the easiest but we’ve got you covered with our DIY cactus leather cardholder workshop. Not only can you handmake a functional and thoughtful vegan cardholder, but you can also customize it! Join our workshop and make it a memorable day for your dad!

  • 2022.06.11 - 12

    It’s time to make some interesting food for our lovely dogs. Captain and his mama Christy gonna teach us how to make Takoyaki for dogs at Petisan. We use only human-grade nutritious ingredients from safe and reliable sources. Come and join us for a fun cooking class!

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