The Mills'

  • 2021.10.09 - 31

    The big Things presents Halloween STEM cooking class in this spooky October~

  • 2021.10.09

    Kiki, the aromatherapy therapist and founder of Floral Wishes, will share the concept and knowledge of essential oil usage. A roll-on essential oil will be created by participants according to personal mood; For the second part, Ruby, a professional yoga instructor will using a roll-on to have breathwork practice and stretching exercises to relieve physical and mental stress.
    Last, we will have a simple emotional analysis and summarize the mood changes during the event.

  • 2021.09.18 - 21

    This Mid-Autumn, join us at Fabrica Lab to create an upcycled lantern with reclaimed organic pine wood from Nan Fung Group’s latest project – AIRSIDE, and scrap fabrics which would have been wasted otherwise!

  • 2021.09.11 - 12

    Techstyle X introduces the ‘suminagashi’, which translates to ‘floating ink’, dye technique! This technique dates back to the 12th century, where textile coloring methods originated, using natural pigments.

    Participants will learn this Japanese technique to transform an undyed eco-friendly pouch. Different methods will be taught to manipulate the ink into distinctive personalized swirled patterns. The customized marbled pouch is perfect to hold and organize your make-up, pens, phones, chargers, hand sanitizers and many more!

  • 2021.09.04 - 11

    Come visit Techstyle X during September to learn more about the groundbreaking innovations by Colorifix, Huue, and Algaeing that can contribute to a greener future through DNA replication from nature, sugar fermentation, and lab-grown algae. There will also be workshops introducing dyeing techniques dating back to the 12th century, where textile coloring methods originated, using natural pigments.

  • 2021.09.01 - 10.31

    A winner of the ICA Award, founder of “COFE” and a famous coffee cup tester from Taiwan are bringing you “Coffee and Tea Tasting Workshop” at The Mills every weekend in Sep and Oct.

    They present the tea and coffee from different regions in Taiwan, giving you a wonderful journey to the beautiful island on your tongue, as well as share the latest Taiwan travel news.

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