The Mills'

  • 2021.08.14 - 29

    We proudly present a series of fun programs for pre-registration now, from the rerun of last year’s The Mills Reborn adventure and the online Eco Daddy Workshop becoming physical this year, to the new Family Yoga, Little Tailor and Little Artist Workshop.

  • 2021.07.20 - 08.14

    Summertime is when we move our body and get sweaty! Our dearest parents, are you ready to take the kids out for a good cause? Mark the morning of 14 August (Saturday) for The Mills and join us to better the lives of those living with down syndrome and autism, simply by exercising!

    KIDZILLA Fitness Challenge 2021
    Date: 14 August (Saturday)
    Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
    Location: The Hall, G/F The Mills
    Organizer: Keep Moving Project, LOVE 21 Foundation

  • 2021.06.12 - 07.04

    The D. H. Chen Foundation is very honored to invite Changlin Fashi to curate 【Weaving Lives – Zen Art Exhibition by Changlin Fashi 2021】to be held at The Mills in June. The exhibition connects Zen with art and practice, letting the visitors to reflect and observe themselves in the present and leading them to perceive the vast universe.

  • 2021.03.06 - 05.30

    The Mills curated the “Nice to Meet You Kapok!” exhibition, in which kapok trees serve as an introduction to community study and a reminder to all of us to live our lives mindfully. The people on the street come and go, leaving the beautiful trees unnoticed. Collaborating with several art units and local shops, the exhibition is going to showcase kapok trees in Hong Kong and its usage in our livelihood.

  • 2020.08.20 - 09.16

    Stay Home, Have Fun
    The Mills Online Kids Festival is here!

  • 2021.03.26 - 04.11

    Collect stamps and travel around The Mills in Easter!
    Get a limited edition coloring book for free upon spending of $500!

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