The Mills'

  • 2019.02.01 - 03.03

    Venue: The Mills, G/F The Hall

    The Mills first exhibition in 2019, “Ah Chung and his arithmetic” Exhibition

    © 2019 Ah Chung/ visuals licensed by Artware Limited

  • 2019.09.07

    Do you know if any of your relatives or friends worked for Nan Fung Textiles?
    The Mills wishes to organize a gathering of former Nan Fung workers to have a Poon Choi lunch before Mid-Autumn Festival. Apart from lantern games and a Cantonese opera performance by kids, we invite workers to share stories of their days at Nan Fung Textiles. Each former worker is welcome to join this gathering with one of their family members for us to re-invent our traditions for future generations.

  • 2019.06.14 - 07.10

    Organized by The Mills and the exhibition partner @oldtextbooks , the “Old Textbook: The Good Old Days” exhibition will be held at The Mills from June 14th to July 10th. Apart from Chinese, English, Maths, Society and Health Education textbooks, the exhibition will also showcase school items including monitor bands, medals, and campus posters.

  • 2019.06.10 - 07.06


  • 2019.11.18
    The Mills Paper Vol.4 
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