The Mills'

  • 2021.03.08 - 31

    In line with the concept of making the best use of everything and promoting good craftsmanship, we have designed the afterlife for the colorful wooden pallets of Xmas installaiont to transform into cute little wooden stools.

    Charity sales start from now until 31 March 2021 (Wednesday)! Grab the chance to bring these environmental-friendly little stools for your home!

  • 2021.04.02 - 06

    With Easter just around the corner, let’s craft some goodies for the holiday!
    Create cute and personalized Easter Carrot Treat Bags, while learning home sewing and DIY skills. You can enjoy this hands-on workshop with family and friends and make precious Easter memories at TechstyleX!
    Join us on April 2nd to 6th and let’s have fun together!

  • 2021.03.27 - 04.25

    Get a healthier body in 30 days! #diPulse30daysChallenge
    Do you want to get a stronger core or simply improve your health and wellbeing, from the comfort of your own home? “Beach ABS – 30 days Challenge” is the solution for you!
    All participants will receive a diPulse resistant training band kit as a souvenir.
    Winners with the most likes on social media or showing the biggest ABS improvement will get a diPulse SMARTKIT!

  • 2021.04.01 - 30

    FM+ in April launches FKL Easter Egg Fragrance (Limited Edition)
    What is the taste of Easter?
    Please come to the store and experience it.

    For any purchase can redeem a FKL perfume in discount price

  • 2021.03.06 - 07

    Local sand painting artist Hoi Chiu teams up with Bel Canto Singers’Music Director David Quah in an imaginative presentation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Through impressive operaticsinging and magical sand art, the star-crossed lovers are brought to
    life before the community audience.

  • 2021.03.01 - 22

    Enjoy 15% off upon any purchase with 3 colors-mix

    Shop: The Common Ground (Shop G05-07)

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