• Goxip

    The “shoppable Instagram” app that allows you to find and shop the fashion items you are looking for, from any picture using AI image recognition.

  • Green Is The New Black

    A lifestyle media platform promoting sustainable living and which has two goals – firstly helping individuals to live more consciously, and secondly to connect them to responsible brands in fashion, beauty and F&B by amplifying their sustainability initiatives


    Powered by Alvanon, MOTIF is the apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills and industry expertise they need to transform their businesses, lives and careers

  • Orii

    Orii is the first wireless audio device that’s worn on the finger.

  • Simple Pieces

    A new work-drobe for a new mindset. Designed for working women to bring their whole-selves to work. Simple yet versatile pieces made with high-quality fabrics, enabling women to showcase their authenticity.

  • TG3D Studio

    A fashion technology company on a mission to transform the fashion industry through digital solutions. Their innovative Scanatic™ product lines allow brands to combine essential ingredients of the apparel business (body measurements, fabrics, accessories, patterns and garments) in order to offer more sustainable and on-demand business models

  • Unspun

    Unspun seeks to reverse climate change by 1% through 3D fit algorithm, additive and localised production. Happens to make best-fitting apparel.