Abillion is a social media platform aiming to become the leading source for sustainability, creating positive change and lasting impact. The member-generated content on abillion makes it easier for people to be more sustainable when they eat and shop and reviews convert into donation credits to conservation partners worldwide.

  • ADAY

    ADAY, a direct-to-consumer brand leveraging functional fabrics to design better essentials – so you can work, travel and do more with less.


    Algalife explores a holistic and sustainable development of new materials which positively affect both the environment and the human skin.


    Chain of Demand is a predictive analytics company aimed at improving profitability and sustainability for the retail industry. Their proprietary Retaillect AI leverages big data to predict product demand, empowering retailers and brands to maximize margins, minimize markdowns, and optimize inventory.


    Colorifix has pioneered the first entirely biological process to produce, deposit and fix pigments onto textiles. Using a synthetic biology approach, we offer a radically different solution to incumbent dyeing technologies that entirely cuts out the use of harsh chemistry and leads to huge reductions in energy and water consumption.


    Evrnu is a textile innovations company that has invented an entirely new kind of engineered fiber called NuCycl with extraordinary performance and environmental advantages, made from discarded clothing. An estimated 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually from the fashion industry. With innovative new thinking and new technologies, Evrnu takes what is being wasted and transforms it into a resource.


    Geltor is the biodesign company making sustainable, 100% animal-free specialty proteins for beauty, personal care, nutrition, food & beverage. We proudly serve as protein partner of choice for the most impactful and widely recognized brands in the world, with an unparalleled selection of ingredients crafted in the highest quality and functionality.


    The “shoppable Instagram” app that allows you to find and shop the fashion items you are looking for, from any picture using AI image recognition.


    A lifestyle media platform promoting sustainable living and which has two goals – firstly helping individuals to live more consciously, and secondly to connect them to responsible brands in fashion, beauty and F&B by amplifying their sustainability initiatives

  • HUUE

    Huue is on a mission to culture nature’s rainbow to create a brighter future for the planet. We use biotechnology to create more sustainable dyes for the industries that are shaping the world – our first mission: indigo for denim makers.


    Lumos keeps riders safe on the road with protection and prevention from crashes. Lumos helmets integrate front and rear lights, hard brake, and turn signals into a single cohesive whole. Now supports gesture recognition with the Apple Watch.


    Mango Materials, a San Francisco Bay Area-based start-up company, is closing the loop on materials by harnessing biology to make polymers for the circular economy.


    Powered by Alvanon, MOTIF is the apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills and industry expertise they need to transform their businesses, lives and careers

  • NMES Group (Dipulse)

    NMES Group is a smartwear technology innovation company with three different sub brands/business areas within sports & fitness (diPulse), gaming (HoloKraken) and medical (Xanotec). We have extensive competence, technology and world class partners which enables us to drive innovation across multiple segments with vast diversity and adaptability to meet the market and customers’ needs.

  • NTX

    NTX is a world-leading textile innovation & solutions company. We are passionate about being good stewards to mother earth so as to bring about a better future generations to come, which is why we create industry disruptive technologies that are uncompromising to quality, consistency, economy and resource usage.


    Origami Labs is the maker of the OFLO System, a communication solution that empowers frontline staff with the power of computing, increasing their productivity, efficiency, and engagement. Inspired by the principles of inclusive design, the team experimented with ways to make interacting with phones screen-free. OFLO was built on the belief that businesses can leverage this same idea to make communication flow simpler and more natural for everyone.


    A technology that promotes circular economy by connecting brands/retailers with the second hand market. The technology allows customers of brands/retailers to resell, donate or recycle their past purchases directly from the e-commerce site of the brand/retailer.


    re:newcell is a Swedish textile recycling company that has developed a cutting-edge technology for recycling used cotton and other cellulosic fibers.


    A platform that makes videos interactive and shoppable by adding an overlay with clickable hotspots. Viewers can click on anything in a video to see more information or links to shop. Detailed video interaction data is used to understand video performance and to inform creative decisions for future video campaigns. Part of the LVMH La Maison Des Startups, Smartzer’s clients include COS, Harvey Nichols, Swarovski and Jimmy Choo.


    A new work-drobe for a new mindset. Designed for working women to bring their whole-selves to work. Simple yet versatile pieces made with high-quality fabrics, enabling women to showcase their authenticity.

  • TG3D Studio

    A fashion technology company on a mission to transform the fashion industry through digital solutions. Their innovative Scanatic™ product lines allow brands to combine essential ingredients of the apparel business (body measurements, fabrics, accessories, patterns and garments) in order to offer more sustainable and on-demand business models

  • Unspun

    Unspun seeks to reverse climate change by 1% through 3D fit algorithm, additive and localised production. Happens to make best-fitting apparel.


    Xtra Brands creates unique consumer product experiences distributed globally. We develop product concepts in partnership with uniquely positioned global brands and our lead project is the extension of the globally renowned Marshall brand into new lifestyle categories.