• 2017.11.25 - 26

    The Mills Holiday Shopfloor – Gift & Workshop Market 2017

    Time to farewell the hours wandering aimlessly in shopping malls for Christmas gifts. At The Mills Shopfloor Market, you will be able to find a selection of vendors that design unique products and a series of workshops that will help you customize your gifts to give it that personal touch. Christmas shopping this year has [...]
  • 2017.06.03 - 04

    The Mills Shopfloor series – Coffee and The Outdoor

    We will continue to hold a “Shopfloor Series” this year. Through a series of different market activities, apart from introduce The Mills to public, the vendors have the opportunity to meet the target customers and customers also able to taste the maker culture and have a better understanding of a particular interest.  

  • 2016.12.03 - 04

    The Mills Holiday Shopfloor – Gift and Workshop Market 2016

    WORKSHOP MARKET 2016 “The Mills Holiday Shopfloor – a Gift and Workshop Market” was held in December 2016.