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  • LOST Junior @ The Mils was established for serving people from age 6 to 14, designed and created different real-life escape game base on various exclusive brands & characters licensed stories, plus plenty of props, being loved by bunch of people. Through the power of the game, they develop such as language skills, emotions, creativity and social skills. LOST stands for Learn, Observe, and Solve, so LOST Junior has designed a series of real-life adventure games to inspire players develop different skill sets such as creative problem solving, concentration, logical thinking, multi-angle thinking, and improving IQ, EQ and AQ. Moreover, no digital screen is allowed during the game, which encouraging people to make use of eye contact, communication and cooperate with each other to solve problems within a specified time. Game themes are built from different sci-fi, adventure and fairy tale stories, players need to cooperate with each other to solve riddles and successfully escape within a specific time.