The Big Things

  • Welcome to The Big Things! A world where you are surrounded by the wonders of the earth. Immerse yourself in rare animals, insects, volcanoes and swamps. This is the perfect place for children to learn about nature through sensory play and physical activities, in a safe indoor environment. The exceptional team behind our playground hail from Finland and have more than 40 years of building experience and specialize in eco-friendly designs.

    The Big Things is a thrilling experience specifically catering to young children, whilst still being a place the whole family can enjoy. Children can have fun and learn through activities, carefully designed to encourage the development of their motor skills and stimulate their imagination and creativity.

    Revel in a chance to touch and feel the different textures of nature. Be mesmerized by the sights and sounds of wildlife and be captivated by the beauty of our environment. The Big Things will help children gain a better understanding of the world they live in.