The Mills'

  • On guided tours of The Mills, visitors or organizations will learn about the reinvention of former Nan Fung cotton-spinning factories into The Mills; the transformation of Tsuen Wan’s textile past into a Techstyle future of wearables and smart fabric. Tours will be scheduled every Saturday & Sunday. Free registration, RSVP required

  • 2019.11.18
    The Mills Paper Vol.4 
  • 2019.11.02 - 23
      Past Events
  • 2019.11.23
    Date & Time: 23.11.2019 (12:00-17:00) Participation Fee: Free Admission > is an exhibition of Jay Tang's works on body painting. Such works include tattoo drawings on faces, hands, feet, and on whole human bodies. Regardless of the positions, highly sophisticated 3D painting techniques are appli...
  • 2019.10.21 - 31

    The Mills has prepared different Halloween programmes include free face-painting sessions, Trick-or-Treating, and an Instagram photo contest, hoping that all our visitors and tenants, not just the kids, can take part in some fun activities together!

  • 2019.09.05 - 14

    As always at The Mills, we try our best to repurpose our decorations in order to eliminate waste while challenging our creative minds. This Mid-Autumn Festival, the frames used in our Chinese New Year décor have been transformed into lanterns. Aiming to connect communities through co-creation and participation, The Mills has invited a number of artists specializing in different techniques to put their special marks on our lanterns.

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