History & Heritage

The Mills is a landmark revitalization project by Nan Fung Group, a celebration of shared industrial legacy with Hong Kong, and a step towards a future of applied creativity and innovation.

Legacy & Transformation

Hong Kong’s rich history of enterprise has its roots in the booming manufacturing era of the 1950s. It was during that time Nan Fung Textiles was founded and grew to become a cornerstone of the territory’s dominant textile industry.
In the years since, Nan Fung Group has transformed itself into one of the largest privately held organizations in Hong Kong, well regarded in the areas of property development, investment services, and social values.


Announced in 2014 by Nan Fung Group on its 60th anniversary, The Mills project will transform and revitalize the company’s former textile factories into a destination for innovation, culture and learning.
The project was inspired by the desire to reinvent the way we think about development in Hong Kong—to honor our history while building the future.

Tsuen Wan, Our Roots

In addition to being the origin of Nan Fung Textiles, the district has unique history and culture of its own. Home to a large number of families and young professionals, Tsuen Wan enjoys a fast growing and vibrant community.

  • 1954

    Nan Fung Cotton Mills established

  • 1955

    The Hong Kong Cotton Spinners Association established

    Textiles is the largest manufacturing industry, employing 30% of work force

  • 1960

    Mill factory No.6 completed

  • 1962

    Mill factory No.4 completed

  • 1970

    Mill factory No.5 completed

    Textile industry employment rate increased to 43% of total manufacturing work force

  • 1980-1990

    Economic growth and diversification led to demise of cotton industry

  • 2008

    Nan Fung Cotton Mills ceased operations and the buildings are turned into warehouses

  • 2014

    The Mills revitalization project launch

  • 2018

    The Mills opening