The Mills'

  • On guided tours of The Mills, visitors or organizations will learn about the reinvention of former Nan Fung cotton-spinning factories into The Mills; the transformation of Tsuen Wan’s textile past into a Techstyle future.

  • 2021.08.14 - 29

    We proudly present a series of fun programs for pre-registration now, from the rerun of last year’s The Mills Reborn adventure and the online Eco Daddy Workshop becoming physical this year, to the new Family Yoga, Little Tailor and Little Artist Workshop.

  • 2021.08.01 - 29

    Come to make My Melody and The Big Things Playground Summer Fruit Tarts with your kids!

  • 2021.08.29

    Handmade incense has a long history. Lighting the incense can purify the space, soothe the soul, and is a part of life. The scent of incense sticks also helps to relax the body and mind, relieve mental distress and strengthen attention

  • 2021.07.20 - 08.14

    Summertime is when we move our body and get sweaty! Our dearest parents, are you ready to take the kids out for a good cause? Mark the morning of 14 August (Saturday) for The Mills and join us to better the lives of those living with down syndrome and autism, simply by exercising!

    KIDZILLA Fitness Challenge 2021
    Date: 14 August (Saturday)
    Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
    Location: The Hall, G/F The Mills
    Organizer: Keep Moving Project, LOVE 21 Foundation

  • 2021.07.09 - 08.29


    Different activities every Saturday & Sunday!

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