The Mills'

  • 2021.12.11

    This December, Big Things Kitchen has prepared another fun workshop for you!

    Mums and Dads! Bring your little sweetheart to The Mills for a happy Christmas~

  • 2021.12.04 - 19

    Christmas is here!
    It’s time to make holiday decorations and give gifts to your loved ones.

    It’s always the best to make a Christmas decoration with environmental friendly material by yourself. The Christmas Tree Branch Wreath Workshop teaches you to make a Christmas wreath from recycled branches and add a little lighting to easily enhance the quality of life right in your home.

  • 2021.12.05 - 12

    Learn how to design and create a perfect 3D Poinsettia. The in- spiration was based on a magnificent antique painting. The students will learn exciting stitch combinations with composite stitches, wrapped beads and mixed media (photo transfer and silk appliqué). While the students work on the centre piece, discussion and demon- stration will provide extra techniques for the interpretation of the Poinsettia. Combinations offered would be ideal for a trinket box or dinner napkin. A true botanical picture can also be created, working from a fine silk background with needle painting, moving forward into double-sided wired petals and culminating in the centre with needle-lace and raised embroidery, stump-work techniques. The Poinsettia combines fine thread and crewel stitches, raised embroidery, silk appliqué, self-supporting 3D stitches and fabric & fibre manipulation.

  • 2021.12.01 - 31

    FM+ brings different local hand-made Hong Kong brands and launches different discounts in this Christmas, Selected items up to 30% off. Buy gifts during the festive season to show your love to your special ones and connect with each other in moving moments!

  • 2021.12.12

    The participants should bring their old/used cloth to refurbish by tie-dyeing. Aim to limit environmental harm and live more sustainable, continue to wear the old clothes with a new look.
    Participant can get a $100 cash voucher to redeem at The Common Ground.

  • 2021.12.04 - 05
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