The Mills is a landmark revitalization project from Nan Fung Group completed in 2018. A destination consisting of a business incubator, experiential retail, and a non-profit cultural institution may be relatively unfamiliar to Hong Kong people; yet you will discover from The Mills’ vision and history that it is a purely Hong Kong story.

The Mills witnessed the manufacturing heyday in the 1960s, and now carries on that legacy with a future of applied creativity and innovation. Visitors can explore the continuity of an authentic Hong Kong story, where themes of textile and industry are woven into experiences of innovation, culture, and learning.


Once the thumping heart of Nan Fung Textiles, Mill 4, 5 and 6 will be transformed into a single coherent complex that is The Mills.

The main entrance facing Castle Peak Road will be replaced by a glass façade, and the linear and transparent street level shops will serve to strengthen the building’s identity as a single complex.