The Mills'

  • 2022.09.10 - 10.31

    The Mills joins hands with British inflatable design group Designs in Air to transform the property into a magical marine wonderland, featuring spooky inflatable monsters and their terrifying tentacles. Visitors young and old, it’s time to dive in!

  • 2022.08.07 - 09.11

    Say thank you to tenants and the neighborhood!

    Exclusive Summer Fun at The Mills PLUS a Consumption Voucher Offer !

    Get value of $250 shopping & dinning coupons upon spending $500

  • 2022.08.08 - 31

    Packed with activities to raise your children’s spirits and help them stay creative, 【The Mills Kids Festival】2022 includes everything from a Kids Market to an Interactive music experience and Travel around The Mills program.

  • 2022.07.01 - 08.07

    As one of Hong Kong’s most popular and pet-friendly cultural destinations, The Mills invites pet lovers to explore every corner of the space with their four-legged friends, learn about the textile histories of Hong Kong and join the “Travel Around The Mills with Pets”.

  • On guided tours of The Mills, visitors or organizations will learn about the reinvention of former Nan Fung cotton-spinning factories into The Mills; the transformation of Tsuen Wan’s textile past into a Techstyle future.

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