The Mills'

  • 2021.09.04 - 11.28

    Have you touched a leaf with your eyes closed and tried to imagine it transforming from a crisp indigo at infancy to a mature, vibrant green and, finally, a withering, pale yellow? Every shade illustrates its remarkable existence; and every hue is its effort in communicating to us its story. “Colours of the Earth” highlights these exceptional splashes of nature while encouraging us to discover the foliage around us and decipher nature’s language.

  • 2021.10.01 - 31

    Revel in Junji Ito’s World of Horror & Imagination
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  • 2021.08.11
    Your Festival
  • On guided tours of The Mills, visitors or organizations will learn about the reinvention of former Nan Fung cotton-spinning factories into The Mills; the transformation of Tsuen Wan’s textile past into a Techstyle future.

  • 2021.07.03 - 08.31

    “A Date with Seeds” is a new food and farming project launching at The Mills this summer. Working alongside local agricultural organizations to promote local sustainable agriculture practices, we explore the link between seeds, land, and the importance of seasonal food.

  • 2021.08.14 - 29

    We proudly present a series of fun programs for pre-registration now, from the rerun of last year’s The Mills Reborn adventure and the online Eco Daddy Workshop becoming physical this year, to the new Family Yoga, Little Tailor and Little Artist Workshop.

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