The Mills'

  • 2023.01.17 - 02.05

    Good Fortune Patchwork Cookie Ornaments are upcycled from unwanted fabrics and spread across the Mills to send blessings to visitors.

  • The Mills has joined the metaverse! Being a registered NF Touch member, you can “play-to-earn” limited-time offers by completing the designed mission on-site, such as a special gift pack (limited quota on first-come-first-served basis), $100 shopping e-coupon from The Mills and $50 shopping e-coupon from Fabrica X. (T&C applied)

  • 2022.12.10 - 2023.01.15

    The Mills joined hands with agnès b. – an international fashion label that supports conservation and the arts. Connected by their shared roots in textiles and fashion, The Mills and agnès b. proudly present The Dancing Cloak – a sustainability-themed festive decoration and exhibition that spark green inspirations and encourage upcycling in the season of giving!

  • 2022.12.04 - 31

    Small everyday moments are what make up our lives and finding beauty in them can be so rewarding.

    Here, we share with you the heart-warming stories that took place at The Mills and hope you can see how special it is that you come visit us often and create new memories at The Mills.

  • 2022.12.03 - 04
  • 2022.11.25 - 26

    The Store In Time invites the food design team Deep Food and the contemporary dance group TS Crew to collaborate on a unique dining experience. A school of life is delicious food.

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