【Exclusive】Fabrica X & Levi’s® Upcycled Denim Bag Workshop

Join our limited Christmas upcycling workshop, a unique collaboration between Levi’s® and Fabrica X, celebrating 501® jeans’ 150th anniversary. Transform Levi’s® denim waste into stylish and versatile crossbody or belt bags, unleashing your creativity with this sustainable fashion item.


In this workshop, you will create a fabulous bag and delve into the captivating history and sustainability journey of Levi’s®. Each bag incorporates Levi’s® signature logo, utilizing every part of the jeans, from the iconic tag to the belt loops. Experience the delight of crafting and personalizing your one-of-a-kind denim bag while contributing to a positive environmental impact. Don’t miss out!


Workshop Rundown:

Upcycled production: 1 denim crossbody or belt bag 

Upcycled denim introduction and ‘Denim Futures’ tour



Jan 21, 2024


90 mins per session 

14:30 – 16:00 & 16:30 – 18:00