【Kids Festival】Recruitment for vendors at the The Mills Kids Market

29.06.2020(Mon) 06.07.2020(Mon)
29.06.2020(Mon) 06.07.2020(Mon)

You may have visited creative markets with your family before. But what if now you can become a vendor with your children? That’s right, now’s the chance!

This summer, The Mills presents to you our brand new Kids Festival. We are now actively recruiting creative young vendors to share and sell their crafts. By using simple resources and artistic imagination, we encourage creative crafts and games of all sorts to be sold at their stalls. We hope to share the fun with parents and children of all ages!

The Mills Kids Festival will be from Aug 15th, 2020 to Aug 16th, 2020. To become a vendor, please apply with a minimum of 1 child aged 12 or below. Accepted applicants are limited, applicants will be chosen based on the most fun and creative stall ideas! If your child has a creative sense of arts and crafts and is suitable for this event, please apply now!

📣Come and join us as a vendor at https://bit.ly/2VrKVuR

Other than the Kids Market, there will be a series of fun activities for both adults and children too, so stay tuned on our social media platforms for more information!