Ar Chung and His Arithmetic Exhibition

01.02.2019(Fri) 03.03.2019(Sun)
01.02.2019(Fri) 03.03.2019(Sun)

Arithmetic was intended to make sense of the chaos. But in the hand of humans, it is too often used as a tool for personal gain. It was twisted so that your gain becomes someone’s loss. What was supposed to multiply can easily be turned into divisions. And, friends can become foes, and nations may decide to go to war.

As we come into this world, we start with the number zero, and after the endless calculations in our lifetime, the answer appears. Yes, we leave, again, with the number zero. It makes one wonder, what good comes out from this.

If you also feel tormented and frustrated by numbers, perhaps it is time to take a break and rest a little.

Welcome to Ah Chung’s world.

Own nothing and yet lacking nothing? Nothing to give yet giving all generously?

Here, Ah Chung had a different set of rules, navigating in his own world of arithmetic, turned him into a happy man.

Different from the material side of the world, Ah Chung measures success not by what possessions you have, but by how happy you are.

To those who knew him, Ah Chung’s miscalculations were legendary, and we are very certain that you have absolutely nothing to gain in the material world from learning about his arithmetic; however, there may still be some benefits for your heart and soul!

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Exhibition Opening Time:
1st February – 3rd March , 2019
Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 20:00
Opened during Chinese New Year

Exhibition Venue:
The Mills, G/F The Hall