Biomaterials – Eggshell Ceramic Keychain Workshop

12.01.2023(Thu) 08.10.2023(Sun)
12.01.2023(Thu) 08.10.2023(Sun)
$50 每位 (原價: $250)

Have you ever wondered what the afterlife is for eggshells? Eggshells are a valuable resource with lots of potentials! They can be utilized as fertilizer or even turned into ceramics!

Eggshell Ceramic, a biomaterial, transforms food waste into biodegradable accessories, replacing our reliance on non-renewable materials. The Eggshell Ceramic Keychain can be dissolved in water and become a fertilizer to provide plant nutrients – a circular material that eliminates waste!

‘Eggshell Ceramic Keychain Workshop’, brought to you by Fabrica X and Fidelity International, explores the possibility of Biomaterials with you. We collect eggshell wastes from the restaurants within The Mills to create your own Eggshell Ceramic Keychain. Let’s join and develop your own Biomaterials product!

Biomaterials – Eggshell Ceramic Keychain Workshop

Date & Time: Jan 12 – Oct 8

Time:  13:00 – 16:15 on weekdays | 13:00 – 17:30 on weekends & public holidays (except 22-23 Jan)

Participation Fee: $50 per head (Original Price: $250)

Venue : Fabric X (Shop 108)