buy mug, get free drink!

01.11.2019(Fri) 30.11.2019(Sat)
01.11.2019(Fri) 30.11.2019(Sat)

Purchase the Zuperzozial Eco-Friendly Cup (350ml) at the Pimary The Mills Shop. You can redeem a free drink at the designated shops at The Mills! Designated stores include Between Haru, TAP The Ale Project and RETOLD coffee.tea.spirits

From now on, develop the habit of going out with your own mug, reduce the use of disposable cups of plastic cups, and implement a “zero waste” life!

*Only for drinks under $40, if you choose a drink over $40, you need to make up the difference yourself.
* Drinks are redeemed on receipts issued by Pimary and are only available on the same day.