CHAT Spring Programme 2020 Unconstrained Textiles: Stitching Methods, Crossing Ideas

21.03.2020(Sat) 26.07.2020(Sun)
21.03.2020(Sat) 26.07.2020(Sun)

Unconstrained Textiles: Stitching Methods, Crossing Ideas to anchor CHAT’s Spring Programme 2020, proposing room for new ways of considering textile(s) and art through diverse works and practices.

Featuring 7 prominent contemporary artists, Unconstrained Textiles: Stitching Methods, Crossing Ideas aims to present contemporary art practices of these artists who have engaged and experimented with textile materials, concepts, subject matters and techniques, and invite visitors to reconsider their understanding and preconceptions of art and textile(s) by presenting works of wide-ranging methods and ideas.


Curated by CHAT’s Co-Director, Takahashi Mizuki, the exhibited works will show myriad artistic adaptations of textile(s) to accomplish the artists’ aesthetic, experimental and political objectives, as an endeavour to broaden the discussion of textile’s contribution to art in general by examining contemporary artworks through a textile lens. Featured artists include Bi Rongrong (Shanghai), Kato Izumi (Tokyo/ Hong Kong), Byron Kim (New York), Ham Kyungah (Seoul), David Medalla (Berlin), Kawita Vatanajyankur (Bangkok) and Samson Young (Hong Kong). Presenting the diverse entry points and adaptions of ideas side by side, the exhibition will propose an alternative way of learning about textile(s) and art in the form of an open-ended patchwork.


CHAT’s permanent display Welcome to the Spinning Factory! will be showing together with Unconstrained Textiles: Stitching Methods, Crossing Ideas during this exhibition period. During opening hours, CHAT will be implementing precautionary measures in response to the current COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong. Please refer to the comprehensive list of regulations here.

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