CHAT Winter Pre-opening Programmes

02.12.2018(Sun) 06.01.2019(Sun)
02.12.2018(Sun) 06.01.2019(Sun)

The TECHSTYLE Series 3.1 Exhibition: Archiving The Mills Through The Lens kicks off our discussion on textile industry in Hong Kong and beyond by showcasing the photographic works in modern digital medium of 5 artist-photographers in Hong Kong. The TECHSTYLE Series 3.2 Discussion Forum: Textile Legacies: Now And Future then presents a 2-day discussion forum that invites visionary practitioners from various international entities to share their wisdom on how they faced similar thematic challenges in their home countries.


An immersive virtual reality experience offered through reimagined cotton-spinning machine stations will transmit the story of a cotton flower, following its journey through the cotton mills that used to operate within CHAT’s space at The Mills. Artists – Michael Lin, Lam Tung Pang x COLLECTIVE, and Alma Quinto, will premier new site-specific artworks based on their respective research on Hong Kong’s textile patterns, memories and diverse communities.


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