CHAT Winter Programme 2019 Sudo Reiko: Making NUNO Textiles

24.11.2019(Sun) 01.03.2020(Sun)
24.11.2019(Sun) 01.03.2020(Sun)

CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) is delighted to announce the upcoming solo exhibition by Sudo Reiko, the internationally acclaimed textile designer from Japan. Running from 24 November 2019 through to 23 February 2020, the exhibition will present the creative process behind Sudo Reiko’s nuno (textiles/fabrics) through her drawings and sketches, raw materials and design prototypes, as well as video and immersive sound and visual installations.

The exhibition will be curated by CHAT’s Co-Director Takahashi Mizuki. Under the artistic direction of Saito Seiichi, visitors will also learn about Sudo’s unique textile-making methods in the CHAT galleries through her sketches, drawings, materials samples and design prototypes, introducing her sources of inspiration and the ideas behind the development of her textiles.

At The Hall of The Mills, visitors will be welcomed by an immersive installation of over 80 koinobori (carp streamers) swimming in the air, all made with Sudo’s fabrics. This installation Koi Currents is designed by Adrien Gardère, the designer, museographer and founder of Studio Adrien Gardère, who has been partnering up with Sudo since 2005 in US, France and Japan.

As the Design Director of textile design firm Nuno in Tokyo, Sudo has produced many innovative textiles that integrate traditional Japanese textile-making procedures with new materials and techniques. Beyond using common textile materials such as cotton, silk, wool and polyester, Sudo uses unconventional materials such as washi, the traditional Japanese paper, and employs alternative applications of textile techniques including heating and needle punching. In introducing new designs, Sudo has also revived old Japanese textile equipment and craftsmanship which were on the verge of disappearing. To address the problem of textile waste, she often creates new designs from textiles damaged during the production process. Her beautifully elaborate textiles are experimental yet highly practical and have been used in a wide range of applications, from furnishings for public areas, hotels and shops to clothing and accessories.


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