CHAT Winter Programme 2020 Yin Xiuzhen: Sky Patch

31.10.2020(Sat) 11.04.2021(Sun)
31.10.2020(Sat) 11.04.2021(Sun)


Closed on Tuesdays


We are proud to present CHAT Winter Programme 2020 Yin Xiuzhen: Sky Patch! Opening from 31 Oct, 2020 to 11 April 2021, this exhibition features the works by acclaimed artist Yin Xiuzhen and explores the idea and the very action of patching and repairing one’s relationship with their surroundings and the various communities to which they belong through the common thread of textile. Prepare yourselves for a newly transformed CHAT as Yin redesigns our gallery space for a vastly different viewing experience that questions and examines intergenerational divide and collective memories.

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