Christmas at The Mills


Holidays are coming: Mini Christmas men at The Mills


Christmas will transform our iconic factory green in to a festive Christmas atmosphere with mini Christmas men decorating our factory, see if you can spot them all!



Reinventing the texture of life at The Mills, to win experience prizes


From December 17, 2018 to January 3, 2019, upload photos of your unique discoveries at The Mills to your Instagram account, hashtag #LifestyleReinvention and @themillshk, and you can participate in “The Mills Re-invention Photography Competition”, grab this opportunity to win a great experience at The Mills with a total value of HKD$20,000!



Feeling the culture and history – The Mills Guided Tour


Beginning December 21, 2018, we will hold “The Mills Tour” on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. In addition to telling the story of the old mill and Tsuen Wan, the guided tour also talks about the vision of our revitalization and connects the textile history of Tsuen Wan to the future and towards the development of innovative technology and style.


Guided tours are free of charge and RSVP online required, with a choice of Cantonese or English. Limited places, first come first served, register now:



Terms and conditions of “Lifestyle Reinvention at The Mills” (“Competition”)


By uploading the photo to Instagram and Hashtaging #LifestyleReinvention and @themillshk, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the following terms and conditions: –

  1. The Competition is organized by The Mills Limited (“The Mills”) and is only available to Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above (“Participant”).


  1. The Competition will be closed on 3 Jan 2019 at 11:59 p.m.. Participants must upload photos to Instagram before this time. The upload time is subject to the platform record.


  1.  Participants must use a public Instagram account and add hashtag #LifestyleReinvention and @themillshk as the photo caption to be considered as joining the Competition.


  1. Photos submitted must be shot within the premises of The Mills.


  1. The Participant warrant that the photos submitted are his original works, and there is no infringement of  any rights (including but not limited to  intellectual property rights) of any third parties. The Participant shall be solely responsible for all liabilities arising therefrom. If The Mills suffers any loss or damages  in connection with the Participant’s photos, the Participant agrees to indemnify for all losses and damages (including but not limited to the legal costs).


  1.  Participant must not use any materials that are libelous, slanderous, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, discriminatory, intimidating or unlawful, or any material that may constitute any criminal or civil liability. Otherwise, the Participant will be considered as violating the terms and conditions of the Competition.  The Mills has the right to disqualify the Participant without notice. The Mills has the right to delete any comments or works which are considered as violating this term in The Mills’s sole opinion.


  1. After the closure of the Competition, The Mills will select ten winners whose submitted photos most creatively elaborate the theme of “Lifestyle Reinvention at The Mills”.


  1. Each winner will be awarded with HKD$2300 Coupon that offers from different merchants in The Mills. List of merchants and coupon value as listed:

Commune Coupon HKD$500; Concept to go Coupon HKD$200; EONIQ Coupon HKD$300; Europa Tea Foundry Coupon HKD$200; KOKO Roaster Coupon HKD$200; MODENA Stationary Coupon HKD$200; MONOYONO Coupon HKD$200; Mou 1 Mou Coupon HKD$200; The Sample Coupon HKD$300


  1. The Mills does not warrant that the prize is of saleable quality or suitable for any purpose. The Mills does not assume any responsibility for the prizes, and the winners waive all rights and interests (if any) against The Mills.


  1.  The prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.


  1. Participants can submit more than one photo but each Participant can win once at most.


  1. Participants agree that The Mills has the worldwide perpetual right, but without any obligation or responsibility, to use the photos submitted in any media or form without payment of any fee for the following purposes:
  • display, public screening or broadcast, distribution, reproduction, publication and other use to the public;
  • use in any form for any promotional material (including but not limited to press releases, advertisements, posters, pamphlets, decorations (e.g. backdrop, bulletin boards and banners, etc.));
  • upload and post on Instagram or other social medias or web pages for public viewing and downloading.

All rights to the promotional materials mentioned in sub-paragraph (b), including but not limited to intellectual property rights, are the property solely and absolutely owned by The Mills. The Mills will name the Instagram account of the Participant as photo source when using the photo for promotional purpose.


  1. Participants acknowledge that once they join the Competition, their photos will be made public. Participants have no right to request The Mills to access their works in any form, and The Mills has the right, but without any obligation or responsibility, to remove the works from Instagram or other social medias or web pages at any time without prior notice. A Participant is not entitled to claim any compensation from The Mills if the Participant suffers any loss as a result of any use of his photos by a third party not authorized by The Mills.


  1. If any Participant is considered participating in the Competition with an empty or fake account, or disrupting or manipulating the Competition, The Mills has the right to disqualify the Participant without prior notice or compensation.


  1. The Mills will notify the winners through Instagram inbox with the official account (@themillshk). Winners must reply and provide the requisite information in full details within 5 working days for prize collection purpose. Otherwise, the prize of such winner will be forfeited.


  1. Winners must go to The Mills on or before 27th January 2019 8pm to collect the prize in person according to the instructions on the award notice. If any winner fails to receive the prize before the deadline for any reason, the winner will not be entitled to receive the prize and will not receive any compensation.


  1. The Mills shall not be responsible for any loss of data directly or indirectly due to any natural cause or other causes which are not under The Mills’s reasonable control, including but not limited to a breakdown or failure of internet, computer, communication facilities or any other equipment, or any power failure, strike, labour disputes, fires, floods, storms, explosions, natural disasters, or third party delays or non-performance.


  1. The Mills has the right to suspend, terminate or cancel the Competition at any time without prior notice or compensation.


  1. In case of any dispute relating to the Competition, The Mills has the right to make the final decision.


  1. Facebook and Instagram are uninvolved, and do not sponsor, support or manage the Competition.


  1. For fairness, employees of The Mills are not allowed to participate in the Competition.


  1. The Mills has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Competition at any time without prior notice.


  1. The Chinese version of these terms and conditions is for reference only. In case of discrepancies between the provisions of the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.


  1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


  1. Personal data collection statement

Personal data collected in the Competition will be used by The Mills for the Competition, arrangement for awards and other direct related purposes. The Mills may share the personal data with or transfer the same to the respective member(s) of Nan Fung Development Limited and The Mills Limited (i.e. their respective holding companies, subsidiaries, associated companies, fellow subsidiaries and any company in which any of the above has any interest) (collectively, “Nan Fung Group”), and their respective suppliers and providers relevant and reasonably necessary for the purposes specified herein. The person concerned has the right to contact The Mills Personal Data Privacy Officer to review and correct the personal information stored about him. The Mills Privacy Policy set out at applies here.

Posted by The Mills Limited on 19th December 2018 .