Colors of the Earth – The Palette for a Sustainable Tomorrow

04.09.2021(Sat) 11.09.2021(Sat)
04.09.2021(Sat) 11.09.2021(Sat)

Is there a solution to dye pollution? Many innovators are working hard to develop new textile coloring methods with reduced water consumption, wastewater toxicity, and minimized environmental impact.


“Colors of the Earth – The Palette for a Sustainable Tomorrow” introduces THREE textiles industry changemakers from portfolio companies of The Mills Fabrica. Techstyle X is excited to showcase their innovations and how their shared sustainable mission transforms the industry.


Come visit Techstyle X during September to learn more about the groundbreaking innovations by Colorifix, Huue, and Algaeing that can contribute to a greener future through DNA replication from nature, sugar fermentation, and lab-grown algae. There will also be workshops introducing dyeing techniques dating back to the 12th century, where textile coloring methods originated, using natural pigments.