From Vintage to Techstyle: 60 Years of Wearables Re-inventing Hong Kong Exhibition

10.05.2019(Fri) 31.10.2019(Thu)
10.05.2019(Fri) 31.10.2019(Thu)

Date: 2019.05.10 – 2019.10.31

Venue: M/F

Opening Hours: 

Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm

Sat-Sun & Public Holiday 10am-8pm

While the term “wearables” may be a new invention, the concept is certainly not. It may surprise many, but as far back as the 1960s, Hong Kong has played a role in the early predecessors to what we now call wearables – consumer electronics that re-invented the way people did things, and the way they lived.


As Hong Kong took off as a financial center in the 1980s, Hong Kongers began obsessing over a new breed of wearables – one that immediately conferred power upon the wearer. The most recognizable of status symbols in that era has to be the “Big Brother”.This was the weapon of choice of power brokers of all stripes, from “Mark Gor” in A Better Tomorrow, a classic movie directed by John Woo, to Central stock brokers.


The noughties see Hong Kong taking a reprised role in the brave new world of wearables. Returning to its original manufacturing roots, this time with a new twist. The result is the emergence of techstyle wearables that deftly blends style with science.