HAUSTAGE x GilGal Fashion Workshop Homemade wool felt course

06.02.2021(Sat) 13.02.2021(Sat)
06.02.2021(Sat) 13.02.2021(Sat)

Date & Time: 06.02.2021 & 13.02.2021 (14:00-16:00)

Venue : HAUSTAGE (Shop 112A)

Participate Fee: $198 (Quota: 8 max per session)

Application Link:


Homemade wool felt course. When it comes to felt technology, it is an environmentally friendly and natural garment technology.

Advantages included:

– Eco-friendly sewing skill

– Zero environmental loss

– Zero fabric waste

Have you ever thought of using felt technology to design your own unique scarf or clothes? In this course, students can not only learn the process of making wool felt, but also freely choose different colors of wool to design a natural and unique scarf.