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27.05.2023(Sat) 28.05.2023(Sun)
27.05.2023(Sat) 28.05.2023(Sun)

Continuing the success in promoting the local farming culture, the monthly Farmer Market has renewed into In Time Of Fair , and will keep on discovering all the wonders of the local agriculture scene, whilst taking a step further to explore ways to caring our bodies, minds, and souls.


Falls on the last weekend of every month (except Jan, 2023), In Time Of Fair  will continue to collaborate with SEEDS in bringing a group of local farmers, handcraft artists and environmental groups to hold the monthly market and spreading awareness about the versatility of agricultural products and the importance of wellness. If you want to join us to promote your locally grown products or eco-products, handicrafts, plants, or books, you can now be one of us!


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2023 Schedule
Q1: Jan14-15, Feb25-26, Mar 25-26
Q2: Apr 29-30, May 27-28, Jun 24-25
Q3: Jul 29-30, Aug 26-27, Sep 23-24
Q4: Oct 28-29, Nov 25-26, Dec 16-17