The Mills x Mr. Men Studio

Mr. Men™ Little Miss™ Emotional Discovery Journey at The Mills

25.03.2024(Mon) 07.04.2024(Sun)
25.03.2024(Mon) 07.04.2024(Sun)

The beloved children’s picture book series “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™” has been a cherished companion for generations, accompanying us through the journey of life. As Children’s Day approaches, The Mills partners with MR. MEN STUDIO to extend a special invitation to the adorable characters from “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™” to visit The Mills. From March 25th to April 7th, they will join children of all ages in the annual “Emotional Discovery Journey at The Mills” event.

During the ” THE MILLS X MR. MEN STUDIO: MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™ “Emotional Discovery Journey at The Mills” activity, children can roam around The Mills with a map in hand, embarking on emotional adventures alongsidesuch as Mr. Happy, Mr. Bump, Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Late, and Little Miss Quick etc. They’ll have the opportunity to experience the diversity of emotions and discover their own unique charm.


Join us for a journey of exploring emotions with your loved ones

Complete tasks to win exquisite stickers of “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™”

In today’s society, everyone inevitably faces a myriad of pressures. Last September, happiness advocacy platform HK.WeCARE released the results of the “Hong Kong General Happiness Index” survey.  The findings revealed that the “General Happiness Index” fell below 6 points (0-10 points) for the first time to 5.88 points, hitting a record low since 2018. The data further indicated people who think they are mentally unhealthy (those who rate their mental health to be between 0 and 4 out of 10 points) increased by 13% from 2022 to 2023. In 2023, the mental health of young people aged 18 to 24 stands at 5.26 (out of 10 points) . As the future pillars of society, children are no exception, grappling with their own stresses and challenges. Given that their ability to cope and their life experiences are still in development, it’s crucial to pay attention to their mental well-being, particularly in helping them understand emotions. However, communication between parents and children often falls short, making it difficult to truly connect and delve into their inner worlds.

For years, The Mills has been dedicated to promoting children’s mental well-being. In the coming Children’s Day and Easter break, we’ve partnered with the beloved characters from “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™,” to create an immersive experience centred around emotional exploration: “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™ EMOTIONAL DISCOVERY JOURNEY AT THE MILLS“. Through a series of playful tasks, we will engage in lighthearted discussions about emotions with children, offering them inspiration and guidance along the way.

In the journey of “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™ EMOTIONAL DISCOVERY JOURNEY AT THE MILLS“, parents and their children will follow the guide map to explore various checkpoints throughout The Mills to complete exciting tasks. At checkpoint #1, children will measure their height alongside MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™ and take snaps. In this task parents can guide the children to appreciate the unique aspects of everyone’s body shapes, encouraging them to embrace their own characteristics. At the other checkpoint, parents will join their children in climbing the long staircase, building both strength of will and body, reminding them that we are all “Little Strong Me”!

Around The Mills, stories and characters from “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™” are there to give emotional cues to help children understand and embrace emotions. Through these adorable characters, children can learn that everyone experiences emotions uniquely. When faced with challenges, they can learn to be their own sunshine in different ways such as taking a walk, boosting happy hormones through exercise or music, or writing in a journal to reflect on the day’s blessings. Gradually, they’ll learn to affirm themselves and appreciate others.

Redeem a set of delightful stickers featuring characters from “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™”


After completing the tasks at each checkpoint, children can stamp their map. Collect five stamps, and they can redeem a set of delightful stickers featuring characters from “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™” at the MR. MEN STUDIO POP-UP STORE or concierge desk downstairs! 


In addition to collecting all five stamps on the map, visitors who spend HK$500 or more at MR. MEN STUDIO POP-UP STORE can also redeem a set of stickers upon presentation of the same-day spending receipt. 


Stickers are available while stocks last.


Redemption period: From now until April 7th

Redemption location: MR. MEN STUDIO POP-UP STORE or  Concierge, G/F The Mills


The characters of MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™ are incredibly adorable, capturing the hearts of children and adult fans everywhere! We invite you to visit the MR. MEN STUDIO POP-UP STORE and explore a range of exclusive limited edition products. Let your favourite characters accompany you home! Plus, don’t miss out on our DIY workshops and MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™ reading sessions, creating unforgettable family memories together.


To spice up the joy of reading, The Mills will hold two “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™” book clubs. Zip Chow, who wears multiple hats as a radio host, emcee, and comedian, will serve as the storyteller. With vivacity and humor, Zip will lead approximately 15 families through the delightful realm of “MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™,” narrating the tales of two characters during each session. After the book club concludes, every family will be able to take home these two physical books.

Book list:
(1) “Mr. Messy “
(2) “Little Miss Sunshine”

1) March 30, 2024 (Saturday)
2) March 31, 2024 (Sunday)

Location: 4/F, The Mills


Let your creativity flow and design your very own unique MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™ mug or phone strap. With these personalized items, let the adorable MR. MEN™ LITTLE MISS™ characters accompany you through each day!

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