Pinot Blanc Couple Watch Pad Print Dial Workshop

02.02.2020(Sun) 14.02.2020(Fri)
02.02.2020(Sun) 14.02.2020(Fri)

With the assistance of our watchmaker, you can make your own “cliché”, or image plate, and pad print your customized dial with text and image of your own choice, or even with your handwritten words. (only one cliché and one color option)

The Workshop includes a pair of Pinot Blanc Watches (2 sizes available – 42mm & 38mm), 2 quality European leather straps, 2 refined watch bag, and two-year warranty.

Time required: 120 mins
Uniqueness: ★★★★★ |Participation: ★★★★

Learn More about Pad Printing :