Swire Coca-Cola HK Pop-Up Store – Times Change, Our Passion Remains

01.09.2020(Tue) 27.09.2020(Sun)
01.09.2020(Tue) 27.09.2020(Sun)

Swire Coca-Cola HK, manufacturing non-alcoholic beverages in the city since 1965, has grown up with Hong Kong for the past 55 years.

The “Coca-Cola” bottling plant based in Siu Lek Yuen in Sha Tin, the world’s tallest bottling facility, consists of 18 stories and measures in at 147 meters (equivalent to 57 stories of a commercial building). Its observation deck and “Coca-Cola” Museum have hosted numerous students and organizations over the years, becoming a part of Hong Kong’s collective memory. Due to major renovations beginning last year, the deck and museum had to be closed temporarily.

To commemorate the 55th anniversary of Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong, the company is launching a pop-up store at The Mills in Tsuen Wan from 1 September to 27 September 2020. The pop-up aims to spread joy and laud the memories of this milestone.

Event Date: 1 September – 27 September 2020

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm (10 sessions in total per day, 45 mins per session)

Venue: Shop 301, 3/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

The pop-up store, covering more than 1,300 square feet, is divided into four sections:

“Coca-Cola” wall of history

Welcoming visitors right at the entrance is the “Coca-Cola” and the Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong wall of history. In 1886, John Pemberton, an American pharmacist, created “Coca-Cola” as an instant beverage served at pharmacies; today, it is sold globally and one of the world’s most recognized brands. The wall highlights the many achievements of “Coca-Cola” and helps visitors better understand the company’s story.

Historical photos section

A number of photographs capturing the most memorable moments of “Coca-Cola”:


1. For decades, the advertising efforts of “Coca-Cola” have been ubiquitous: delivery trucks, public transportation, outdoor advertising, and major events.


2. Iconic images from the past of “Coca-Cola” involve many of its endorsers and award-winning posters; for example, famed opera singer Lillian Nordica in 1904, the arrival of ‘Sprite Boy’ in 1942, and the first local Chinese endorser Lin Dai in the 1950s.

“Coca-Cola” memorabilia section

More than a thousand pieces of eye-opening memorabilia are divided into 16 categories: “Coca-Cola” bottle collectibles, marketing products, World Cup, the Olympics, fashion, music, movies, cities, different languages, odd-shaped bottles, toys, polar bears, Christmas, co-branded souvenirs, home appliances and iconic sets.

Wall of “Coca-Cola” collectible bottles and cans

The wall’s design is based on the different bottle shapes over the years.  Through the generosity of the “Coca-Cola” Hong Kong Collectors Club and other private collectors, the wall exhibits unique and never-seen-before bottles and cans.“Coca Cola” Charity BottleVisitors can create a bottle with their own image imprinted on it.  Part of the proceeds are earmarked for “Act of Love” organized by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council to support families facing economic difficulties under COVID-19.  “Coca-Cola” piggy banks are also sold.  The Mills specialty drinks To support this event, Swire Coca-Cola HK has invited seven tenants at The Mills to come up with thirst-quenching specialty drinks based on “Coca-Cola” and affiliated beverage brands.

 Bee b. Farm


Cucumber Iced Coke / Momordica Charantia Iced Coke
Wasabi Iced Coke / Citron Coke with Sea Salt

New Big Light


Iced Lemon Coke



Dual Lemon Coke / Plum Iced Coke
Lemongrass Lime Iced Coke / Mint Iced Coke

The Big Things Kitchen


Lime & Tonic



Cream Soda with Milk

LABELS Café + Bar


Spicy Ginger Beer : Spicy Mocktail / Dry Ginger Ale : Sweet Mocktail
Schweppes Tonic Tea / Schweppes Tonic Coffee

Wong Pai Bing Sutt


Dual Lemon Coke /
Citron Coke with Sea Salt