The Exhibition of Qing’s Embroidery

16.01.2021(Sat) 28.02.2021(Sun)
16.01.2021(Sat) 28.02.2021(Sun)

Embroidery, also known as quills in China, is a decorative technique in which needles and threads are repeatedly threaded on the fabric to form patterns. Because embroidery is mostly done by women, it is also called “female red”

Embroidery is an indispensable skill for all women in the past. Among them, embroidery in the Qing Dynasty is extensive and wide. The needle technique is that the patterns are rich and colorful, and the clothes are arranged for different life. The content is mainly auspicious patterns, which represent the people’s prayers for life.

Qipao Tang exhibits these vibrant, ever-changing colors of Qing dynasty embroideries, letting public experience the patience, wisdom, and ever-changing expression techniques.
Each piece is a work of art that has been completed with every effort.Date: 16.01.2021 – 28.02.2021

Venue :  Qipao Tang (Shop 104A)