The Mills Green Christmas 2020

16.12.2020(Wed) 31.12.2020(Thu)
16.12.2020(Wed) 31.12.2020(Thu)

As 2020 draws to a close, The Mills is celebrating a truly Green Christmas by bringing the old back to life with unique decorations made from recycled wood. Working together with local designer Orange Terry and his innovative team, The Mills has created an exclusive centerpiece for the iconic landmark with a gigantic Christmas tree installation made from colourful recycled wooden pallets suspended above the atrium like a chandelier.

Bringing the Old Back to Life

The designers processed each piece of wood with an ancient Japanese wood preservation technique called Shou Sugi Ban to carbonize and enhance the unique texture of each piece before finishing with a dyeing process to create an extraordinary visual effect, Every piece of recycled wood has its own unique pattern and colour like leaves on a tree

Amazing Experience

Apart from standing under the installation at The Hall and looking up as rays of sunshine from the glass skylight illuminate the tree in all its varied colours, visitors can look down on the tree from the second floor where they can appreciate the festive and creative installation from a different angle.

Committed to the Community

The Mills is committed to connecting and engaging with the local community and visitors through different creative activities. This year, The Mills invited students from Stewards, a local charity, to help create thoughtful, handmade Christmas decorations using reclaimed wood, adding a sustainable element to this year’s festivities. Each ornament and Christmas wreath is handmade and designed by the students under the guidance of the Orange Terry design team.

Limited edition Christmas DIY Little Tree Box Kit

Surprise your loved ones with a heartwarming DIY gift for Christmas. The Mills has invited a local eco-friendly brand – The Right Stuff Company to create an environmentally friendly Christmas DIY Little Tree Box Kit, handmade with recycled wine crates from scratch by local handicrafters. Take one home and make this year’s gift with your own hands by simply following the instructions included!

Feel The Mills spirit with the Little Seagull

In 2018, The Mills reinvented itself as a destination for innovation, culture, and learning. To celebrate its 2nd anniversary, the landmark has launched a charity Little Seagull which symbolises the bravery, strength, and courage to overcome challenges with The Mills spirit. It also represents the Nan Fung Group’s commitment to the public to promote sustainable development throughout its projects.

Helping families in need

The Mills has invited teachers and students of Society of Boys’ Centres Hui Chung Sing Memorial School to print T-shirts for the Little Seagull by using the elements of the Chinese stencil font created for The Mills by Master Wu Ding Keung as well as the signature green and white walls on the factory floor. All proceeds from the Little Seagull project will be donated to a local charity: the “Assley Methodist Social Service – Help Community Service Center” to help local families in need and bring the warmest blessings to the community during the festive season.

A special Christmas gift from The Mills

In 2019, The Mills was transformed into a romantic winter wonderland with lots of handmade pom pom decorations throughout the factory. This year, The Mills has breathed new life into last year’s Christmas decorations by up-cycling them into pocket notebook cases by using the Garment-to-Garment (G2G) textile recycling system! The limited-edition notebook brings a whole new meaning to a Green Christmas, and is not for sale, only given out to the public as a Christmas gift on The Mills social media platforms. Only limited quantities are available, so stay tuned for more information.

Redeem The Mills special edition souvenirs

The Mills has designed a series of special edition souvenirs to remind visitors of their unforgettable experience and the spirit of The Mills. Visitors who spend a specified amount at The Mills at any time from now to 31 December 2020 can redeem various special edition souvenirs free by presenting same day receipts (maximum two).

The special edition gifts include: WeWeave hand-stitched fabric postcards made with recycled materials from The Mills Fabrica, The Mills pin, and a specially designed The Mills tote bag. The quantity of gifts are limited and only available while stocks last.How to redeem:
• Visitors spending HKD $500 or more at The Mills can redeem a specially designed WeWeave hand-stitched fabric postcard.
• Visitors spending HKD $800 or more at The Mills can redeem a badge from The Mills.
• Visitors spending HKD $1000 or more at The Mills can redeem a specially designed The Mills Tote Bag.