The Mills Halloween: [The Mills Monster Friends] is here!

10.10.2020(Sat) 01.11.2020(Sun)
10.10.2020(Sat) 01.11.2020(Sun)

This Halloween, a scream team decides to show up at The Mills! They are The Mills Monster Friends! The Mills has prepared a series of Halloween Programme for you and your kids!
Limited Halloween Gift Redemption

Present original on-day receipts (with a maximum of two transactions) at The Mills and get a limited edition [The Mills Monster Friends] gifts. Let’s enjoy the Halloween fun with us!

  • Spending upon $300 or above to redeem a set of [The Mills Monster Friends] tattoo stickers
  • Spending upon $300 or above to redeem a set of [The Mills Monster Friends] stickers and tattoo stickers

Redemption Period: 10.10.2020(Sat) – 1.11.2020 (Sun)
Redemption Point:G/F Concierge2.“The Mills Monster Friends” Halloween Instagram Competition 

Take a picture of your scariest moment at The Mills and upload on Instagram with the hashtag #TheMillsHalloween2020 and tag us @@themillshk. This will automatically enter you into our “The Mills Monster Friends” Halloween Instagram Competition. Winners will be awarded The Mills’ cash coupons from selected tenants.

Click here for the Terms & Conditions.Trick or Treat?

From 30th Oct to 1st Nov, 12pm-8pm, bring your own Halloween themed bag and play trick or treat with The Mills tenants to share the joy. (While stocks last)

``The Mills Monster Friends`` Instagram Photo Competition

We have invited a special guest, Joey Leung, to share two pumpkin recipes on The Mills facebook & Instagram platform. We invite you to follow along and make your own version! Share your creation and tag #TheMillsHalloween2020, the best 20 creations will be awarded The Mills F&B coupons!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

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of “The Mills Monster Friends” Instagram Photo Competition

Once you have uploaded photos to Instagram with the hashtag #TheMillsHalloween2020 and location pinned @themillshk, it is assumed that you have read, understood and agreed with the following terms and conditions:

The Competition opens for Hong Kong citizen aged 18 or above (participant)

  1. The Competition will be ended on 1 Nov 2020 11:59PM, all participants has to upload the photo to instagram before the stated end time. All posting time will be judged according to the time stamp recorded by the platform.
  2. Participants must join the competition with a public Instagram account. Only photos uploaded with hashtag #TheMillsHalloween2020 and @themillhk will be counted as an effective submission
  3. Photos submitted has to be shot within the premises of The Mills Hong Kong
  4. Upon submission of the photos, participants confirm that the s/he owned the copyright of the piece and any individuals or intellectual properties that have appeared in the photos, have consented and agreed to permit the participants to providing the images and personal information to The Mills Hong Kong and that The Mills Hong Kong may use the images and personal information for the purpose of this Contest. The Mills Hong Kong shall not be responsible for any liability arising from claims or suits of third parties, including costs and expenses incidental thereto, in connection with the use of the participants’ photos.
  5. Submitted photos must not contain content that related to obscene, defamation, racist, discrimination or in any other manner unlawful, The Mills Hong Kong has the right to disqualify the submission without prior notice.
  6. Upon the end of the competition, The Mills Hong Kong will select 5 most creatively elaborating the theme of “The Mills Monster Friends” as winners.
  7. Each winner will be awarded with HKD$500 Coupon that offers from different merchants in The Mills HK. List of merchants and coupon value as listed:
    1.The Big Things HKD$100
    2.Techbob Discovery Center Coupon HKD$100
    3.Palate Mansion HKD$100
    4.Green Ladies & Green Little HKD$100
    5.The Common Ground Coupon HKD$100.
  8. The prize is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  9. Participants can submit more than 1 photos but each participant will be awarded once only.
  10. Upon submission, participants shall agree to allow The Mills Hong Kong to have the right in using the photos for any event related promotion. Participants Instagram account will be mentioned as photo credit.
  11. The Mills Hong Kong will contact winners through Instagram inbox with the official account (themillshk) to obtain information for prize delivery. Winners must reply in full details within 5 working days or will be consider as forfeiting the prize.
  12. The Mills Hong Kong shall not be responsible for any loss of data or delay in data transmission due to any cause which is not under The Mills Hong Kong reasonable control, including but not limited to a breakdown or failure of communication facilities or any interruption, delay, corruption or interception of such communication.
  13. In case of any dispute, The Mills Hong Kong reserved the right to make the final decision.