The Mills Online Kids Festival

20.08.2020(Thu) 16.09.2020(Wed)
20.08.2020(Thu) 16.09.2020(Wed)

Due to the epidemic, unfortunately we have to postpone The Mills Kids Festival originally scheduled for this summer. Although a series of fun activities including the kids market and workshops will be put aside for the time being, we can still have fun no matter where we are.

The Mills Kids Festival will now take place online, where you can participate at home!

Eco-friendly Daddy Norman
Four weekly tutorials of step-by-step eco-friendly Handicrafts

The Mills invites Daddy Norman to launch a four-episode series teaching kids to transform recycled materials into toys. Through the process, kids will learn about being eco-friendly, recycling and textiles.


Paper Box handmade Zither


Art with Recycled Materials


Eco-friendly Ornaments


Little Paratrooper

The Mills Exclusive Discount

Exclusive 30% off for Japanese kid clothing brand

Haustage is bringing HÄP & CRAFT to The Mills’ kid festival, the brand is a kids clothing brand founded by a Japanese apparel maker in 1950. The brand collaborates with Smile Cotton to create a textile as comfortable as cashmere using cotton. Together they strive to offer everyday kids clothing that is simple and exhibits great attention to detail.

From 26th August to 16th September, purchase any HÄP & CRAFT items at HAUSTAGE’s online store with the promo code “THEMILLS” to enjoy an exclusive 30% off for friends of The Mills!

Smile Cotton - Textile for Children

Smile Cotton creates a texture which is fluffy, light and soft, just like a cotton ball. Since the yarn is returned to the condition of a cotton ball, stiffening caused by washing is prevented,enabling customers to enjoy the relaxing and soft texture for a long time.

Putting only little stress on the skin, these textiles can also be worn safely by children with sensitive skin. They are so soft and gentle on the skin that they are recommended by the Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association.


The Mills DIY Kids Pack

This past year, The Mills and Pinkoi have launched various original products, receiving positive and encouraging responses from the public. Thank you for your support!
During this pandemic period, kids may not be able to go out often, and arranging activities is a big problem for parents. We assembled a few items into a special kids pack containing a story book and home DIY activities for kids. We hope you enjoy it!

The Mills DIY Kids Pack includes:

【Greeny Runaway】Picture Book
【Greeny Runaway】Embroidered badges (set of 8l)
Recycled Denim Piggy Bank DIY making pack

Orginal Price $710,Special Price: $499