“One Used Garment, Endless Possibilities” Workshops
03.02.2024(Sat) 18.02.2024(Sun)
03.02.2024(Sat) 18.02.2024(Sun)

The Mills has always been committed to promoting the concept of sustainable development, regularly organising and hosting various environmentally-themed events of different scales. In anticipation of the New Year, The Mills will be hosting the “One Used Garment, Endless Possibilities” event from 22 Jan to 18 Feb 2024, aiming to raise public awareness of the waste issues caused by excessive consumption of clothing.

After the social media campaign “Closet Audit“, The Mills will collaborate with JUPYEAH to organise “The Mills Fashion Swap”, where you can clear your closets and find new owners for the clothes you no longer need, while also acquiring new items through second-hand fashion. The Mills will then collaborate with Fashion Clinic to hold “Fashion Clinic: Consultation with Designer”. You can bring your old clothes and share their stories with our upgrade and redesign designers. Together, you can plan how to inject new life into them and give them a fresh start. Other workshops include “Clothing Care and Basic Sewing 101”, “Revamp and Recreate: From Clothing to Dolls”,

Let’s put our environmental ideals into action in the new year and start a green new year! Details regarding the series of events and workshops for ” One Used Garment, Endless Possibilities ” are as follows: 

The Mills X JUPYEAH Winter Fashion Swap

In the new year, let’s bid farewell to old clothes, while also breaking the common misconception of “buying new clothes for the new year” together. The Mills and JUPYEAH have collaborated to organise a Winter Fashion Swap event, helping everyone declutter their closets while allowing you to replace new clothing consumption with secondhand fashion, taking responsibility for the environment and for clothing, and supporting sustainable fashion together. During the event period, customers who present the ” Fashion Swap” stamp can enjoy a $10* discount for every purchase over $100 at Green Ladies & Green Little’s The Mills store.

Date: 3 & 4 Feb 2024 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 12:00 – 18:00 (Garment collection closes at 17:00)
Venue: 1/F Atrium, The Mills 
Fee: Free

What We Collect: Washed and mended Autumn/Winter menswear & womenswear, bags and accessories (footwear excluded)

What We DON’T Collect: Kidswear, unseasonal summer clothing, costumes, PJs and underwear, occasion-specific clothing (e.g. bridal or bridesmaid gowns), event-specific or souvenir clothing

* Terms and conditions apply

Clothing Care and Basic Sewing 101

In the workshop, we will start by reading and understanding care labels and learning how to care for and clean different types of clothing materials. You will also be taught how to thread the needle correctly, tie knots, perform basic running stitches and back stitches, and blanket stitches. You will also learn how to sew buttons and fix loose hems. Participants are encouraged to bring a preloved garment with buttons and hems to practice these skills.

Date: 17 Feb 2024
Time: 11:00 – 12:00
Venue: The Mills
Fee: $200 / 1,000 NF Point
(Redeem on NF Touch Rewards Page)

Revamp and Recreate: From Clothing to Dolls

Participants can bring either an old pair of socks that can be transformed into a monkey doll or an old garment that can be turned into a doll during the activity. Let’s preserve the memories together in a different way. 

Date: 18 Feb 2024 
Time: 14:00-15:30 
Venue: The Mills
Fee: $400 / 2,000 NF Point 
(Redeem on NF Touch Rewards Page)

Fashion Clinic: Consultation with Designer

Bring along your old garments and share their stories with the designers. Together, we can discuss how to give them a new life and make them come alive once again.

Date: 18 Feb 2024
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Venue: The Mills
Consultation Fee: $180* 

If participants choose to have the designers upgrade and create clothing for them in the end, the consultation fee can be deducted directly.