Celebrate the Year of the Dragon at The Mills “The Mills everyday life of THE WEIRD DRAGON”
29.01.2024(Mon) 25.02.2024(Sun)
29.01.2024(Mon) 25.02.2024(Sun)

In the Year of the Dragon, The Mills in collaboration with local illustrator THE WEIRD THINGS, presents the “The Mills Daily Life of THE WEIRD DRAGON” New Year project from January 29th to February 25th, 2024. Breaking away from the traditional image of dragons, the concept of THE WEIRD DRAGON has emerged, showing that dragons can also be gentle. A series of heartwarming artwork will be created and displayed in various corners of The Mills, with a must-visit spot being the giant peach blossom tree adorned illustrations and New Year decorations. This initiative invites everyone to celebrate the Lunar New Year while reminding people to be kind to themselves and embrace every aspect of themselves. Additionally, The Mills give out “The Mills x THE WEIRD THINGS red packets” to spread New Year blessings. New Year workshops and special offers are provided to visitors for a comprehensive mind and body experience.

Local illustrator THE WEIRD THINGS took inspiration from the concept of “embracing oneself” to design the festive decorations of THE WEIRD DRAGON for the Lunar New Year.

THE WEIRD THINGS embraces its unique and adorable creative style and has designed THE WEIRD DRAGON for this New Year project. Unlike the fierce image typically associated with dragons, THE WEIRD DRAGON has a soft and tender heart. It loves hugging itself and enjoys hugging people and things around it. The illustrator hopes that everyone can be like THE WEIRD DRAGON, recognizing that even the toughest-looking dragons have a warm and gentle side. This serves as a reminder to not always put on a strong front but to learn to take good care of oneself.

During the Lunar New Year period, The Mills will be filled with a warm and adorable atmosphere with THE WEIRD DRAGON decorations. There will be a giant 4.5-meter-tall peach blossom tree, adorned with a series of THE WEIRD DRAGON illustrations and New Year greetings. The area around the peach blossom tree will also be surrounded by THE WEIRD FRIENDS, welcoming everyone to come and take photos with their friends or furry companions. We hope that everyone can share happiness with their family and friends while bringing out the best version of themselves this year.

CNY Spending offer – The Mills Red Packet 

The Mills collaborates with popular local illustrator, THE WEIRD THINGS, to present “The Mills red packets” designed in an adorable style. Through these red packets, we aim to remind people to make self-care a daily habit, sending festive blessings during the holiday season. The red packets are made from eco-friendly paper, produced by local paper and printing companies. This reflects our commitment to incorporating environmental conservation and preserving local culture into every aspect of our daily lives.

Date:         2024.01.30 – 2024.02.09
Location:   G/F Concierge 
Method:    With 800 NF Points* on NF Touch, you can redeem 4 sets (total of 16) of red packets or with a single purchase of HKD $500, you can redeem 4 sets of red packets.

   (*redeem on NF Touch App Reward Page)

From February 5th to February 9th, new members who register as NF Touch members will receive 4 sets of The Mills x THE WEIRD THINGS red packets!

Limited availability, first come, first served.
Offers are subject to terms and conditions. For more details, please inquire at the concierge.

Lion and Spun Dragon Dance

Spun Dragon is Taguchi’s collaborative project for CHAT 2018 Summer Programme. After the opening of The Mills in 2018, The Mills once again celebrates the arrival of the Year of the Dragon with the Spun Dragon, which signifies the inheritance of tradition and the timeless craftsmanship that showcases unmatched artistry. On February 17th, a lively lion dance performance full of festive atmosphere will take place at The Mills. During the event, the lion dance will parade around The Mills, visiting various artisan shops, symbolizing the arrival of good fortune and a prosperous year for the businesses. 

Date:2024.02.17  (Sat)
Location:G/F The Hall

Red Packet Recycling Box: Continuing the Second Life of Red Packets

After every Lunar New Year, we often wonder what to do with the numerous blessings and well wishes we have received in the form of red packets. To extend the second life of red packets, this year, The Mills has set up a red packet recycling box to collect used red packets from the public regardless of brand or material. Some of the red packets will be used in workshops to continue spreading blessings.

Recycling Period:    2024.01.29 – 2024.02.25
Location:                  G/F Concierge, The Mills

Customers participating in the recycling activity will receive 30 NF Seeds and a $20 The Mills e-coupon*. Please contact the concierge for more details.
*requires downloading the NF Touch app and becoming a member.

Red packets second life workshop – Seed paper cookies

The workshop, organized by a local paper brand called Lomfafa Fair in collaboration with The Mills, will teach participants how to recycle used paper and create “Seed Paper Cookies” that are 100% biodegradable. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in environmental creativity and experience the joy of planting.

Date:                February 24th (Saturday)
Time:                14:00-15:00 ; 16:00-17:00
Location:          The Mills 
Fee:                  $200 / 1,000 NF Point
                          (redeem on NF Touch App* Reward Page)