Upcycled little wooden stools

08.03.2021(Mon) 31.03.2021(Wed)
08.03.2021(Mon) 31.03.2021(Wed)

Last year, the team of upcycling designer @orangeterry transformed the wooden pallets into a giant floating Christmas tree at The Mills, allowing everyone to have fun at The Mills and try to reduce the production of additional decorative materials.
In line with the concept of making the best use of everything and promoting good craftsmanship, we have designed the afterlife for the colorful wooden pallets to transform into cute little wooden stools.
All proceeds from will be donated to a local charity: the “Assley Methodist Social Service – Help Community Service Center” to help local families in need.
Charity sale start from now until 31 March 2021 (Wednesday)!
Grab the chance to bring these environmental-friendly little stools for your home!
Upcycled little wooden stools: HKD599
Delivery: To promote sustainability and reduce the use of packaging, please pick up the stool at The Mills, the stool will be wrapped in the simplest packaging for you to take home
To place your order, please send us a message at m.me/themillshk