WeWeave 2021

04.12.2021(Sat) 05.12.2021(Sun)
04.12.2021(Sat) 05.12.2021(Sun)

The second WeWeave will be held at The Mills on 4 and 5 December (Sat and Sun) this year. Weaving together art, culture and music, the festival presents Hong Kong’s vibrantly unique local culture to visitors, firing up their imaginations beyond the everyday.

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A highlight of the annual WeWeave festival, we have several local singers and performers across different musical genres lined up for this year. There will be something for everyone!

On 4 December, renowned local singer Endy Chow will perform with upcoming band Zpecial. Hot new R&B stars Gareth. T and Moon Tang will set feet tapping with their unique vocals and energetic guitar rhythms, and young artists Manson Cheung and Jamie Zhang will surely impress the crowd with their remarkable songwriting. Rising talents Rock Hill Street and JNYBeatz will play some of their original work and perform other songs in their own upbeat electronic style.

4. 12. 2021 (Sat)

2:00-2:30pm Gareth.T x Moon Tang
3:15-3:45pm Endy Chow x Zpecial
4:30-5:00pm Manson Cheung x Jamie Zhang
5:45-6:15pm Rock Hill Street x JNYBeatz

On 5 December, Yoyo Sham will soothe your soul with her warm and consoling voice. While singer-songwriters Ng Lam Fung and CHANKA will unleash their infinite creativity with an interplay of sentimental lyrics and dreamy electronic elements. Finally, vocalist Jan Curious and jazz guitarist Teriver from R.O.O.T Duo will perform in their own unique style that integrates jazz, rock and pop, to deliver a perfect musical climax to the 2-day programme.

5. 12. 2021 (Sun)

2:30-3:00pm Ng Lam Fung x CHANKA
4:00-4:30pm Yoyo Sham
5:30-6:00pm R.O.O.T Duo

The key programme of the WeWeave festival is the cultural and creative market that gathers a variety of popular brands and online shops to The Mills. These include 2ndclosetdesign, which focuses on creativity and uniqueness in upcycled clothing; Youthandsss, which sells handmade fabric items; and jo.n.an.cactus which offers expertly created mini succulents. The renowned local brand Chicks, which specialises in quality innerwear, will also join the market. Product options range from fabric homeware to sustainable clothing and accessories, home decor, plants, handmade skincare products, coffee, tea, wine and more.


This year, The Mills has reached out to local social enterprises to take part in the market, including Rhys, which produces adaptive clothing tailor-made for the elderly, the disabled, and the needy, as well as non-profit organisation MakerBay, which encourages the realisation of creative ideas. Don’t miss the chance to help social enterprises while also taking home unique and mindfully created items

Featured Products

Unique products are available in limited stock, from local brands / social enterprises including 2ndclosetdesign, Chicks, Chigonoiwa House, Rhys and HaHayHay!

Vendor List

Limited Postcards

The Mills specially prepared two postcards during WeWeave, including postcards upcycled from recycled fabrics provided by The Mills Fabrica. Visitors can receive them for free at the WeWeave Market. The Mills will provide free local posting services, allowing you to send blessings to relatives and friends!During this year’s WeWeave, The Mills has arranged a series of slow-living workshops for visitors to relax and live in the moment. The “Macrame Workshop” is perfect for lovers of knitting to learn about ancient knitting techniques and design their own unique ornaments. The “Self-Love Sound Healing Journey” is specially designed for those who value their bodies and minds to reset themselves for the new year. The Mills has long been a sustainability advocate and is delighted to collaborate with AIA for the first time, with a “AIA Presents: Tie Dye Workshop” where participants bring their own T-shirts to create a brand new, unique item to wear. With Christmas so close, the “ROOOT x Greentale Tree Stick Wreath” provides an opportunity for visitors to make their own environmentally friendly Christmas decorations.
Macrame Workshop

Date:4. 12. 2021

Time:2:30 – 4:30pm / 5:30 – 7:30pm


Self-Love Sound Journey by Heidi Law

Date:5. 12. 2021

Time:3:00 – 4:00pm / 5:00 – 6:00pm


AIA Presents : Tie Dye Workshop

Date:4 – 5. 12. 2021

Time:3:00 – 4:30pm


Make your own Christmas Wreath by Maker Bay

Date:4 – 5. 12. 2021

Time:11:30 – 1:00pm / 2:00 – 3:30pm / 4:00 – 5:30pm


ROOOT x Greentale Tree Stick Wreath

Date:4 – 19. 12. 2021 (Sat, Sun)

Time:1:30 – 3:30pm / 4:00 – 6:00pm


Resin Cloth Vase DIY Box by Chicks

Date:4 -5 . 12. 2021

Time: 11:00am – 6:00pm (Each session 30-45min)


Only for on-site registration, the workshop can accommodate up to 4 peopleSpecially for WeWeave, The Mills has designed a series of special edition souvenirs to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary and the spirit of The Mills. Visitors who spend a specified amount at The Mills from 4 December to 31 December can redeem below items by presenting same day receipts (with a maximum of two transactions).

– Guests spending HKD $400 or above at The Mills can redeem a The Mills A5 Folder.

– Guests spending HKD $600 or above at The Mills can redeem a set of WeWeave Masking Tape (3 rolls).

– Guests spending HKD $800 or above at The Mills can redeem a specially designed The Mills Tote Bag.