WeWeave —— Sweet Green Carnival
18.11.2023(Sat) 19.11.2023(Sun)
18.11.2023(Sat) 19.11.2023(Sun)
A touch of sweetness on the palate is an essential ingredient for a happy life.
Vegan food can also be sweet and delicious: The Mills’s Swee tGreen Carnival
Following the enthusiastic response to our summer “Dessert Carnival”, The Mills will hold a two-day “Sweet Green Carnival” on November 18th and 19th, bringing together 10 popular online dessert shops and adding vegan elements. While enjoying the delightful food, we also promote the idea of green living! Because, through the skillful craftsmanship of local tenants, vegan food can also be delicious!
Here are the participating brands and stores in the “Sweet Green Carnival”:
@thewhite.cake , a Vegan Dessert Shop established in 2021, they paid effort on the quality of their cakes and desserts. They aim to show that vegan doesn’t mean bland in taste.
@solight.studio ‘s philosophy revolves around using local, seasonal, and natural ingredients, also collaborating with local farmers to convey a sense of sunlight through their food and warm the hearts of the consumers.
With a focus on sustainability, @bien_caramelise specializes in PlantBased French Dessert. They create donuts and tarts that are not only vegan but also delicious.
Known for @sns.hkg ‘s signature moist and fluffy ChiffonCakes . They hope that their “story” can bring a little sweetness and energy to inspire you to pursue your dreams.
@bakerie.c , since its opening, has been dedicated to daily fresh production, aiming to bring joy to everyone through visual and taste enjoyment with their handmade tarts.
@mochitorihk believes that mochi represents flexibility, versatility, and change. It can soothe everyone’s soul in any situation.
@happyrollerhk , originally a traditional bakery, uses top-quality ingredients in all their popular Roll Cake . They use zero-calorie rare sugar and a low-oil, low-sugar recipe to ensure freshness. Eating sweet and healthy will make people happy!
@grandmas_scones ‘s #scone recipe has been repeatedly tested by the founder, combining British and American methods. They have a crispy exterior and soft interior, making them a local favorite.
On November 18 and 19, come to The Mills and enjoy some sweetness!