What is Your Way? 體驗活動

24.05.2019(Fri) 16.06.2019(Sun)
24.05.2019(Fri) 16.06.2019(Sun)

“How do you form your toilet paper pad? Do you fold neatly, layer naturally, scrunch a big bouquet or wind around the fingers? Are there standards as to how a toilet paper pad is formed? Did you learn this in school? Did your parents teach the ‘correct method? Do the most intimate of lovers know what each other’s toilet paper pad looks like?”

Book B is delighted to invite Science of the Secondary to Hong Kong for the first time, presenting two installation experiences ‘Café CUP’ and ‘What’s Your Way’ and a Publisher Talk.

What is Your Way? is an inquiry into the universally familiar, yet intimate gesture and method surrounding the formation of our toilet paper pad. This installation encourages visitors to try “forming other pads” and in turn, share their “own way” with others.

Date & Time: 24.05.19 – 16.06.19 | 12pm – 7pm

Venue : Book B, The Mills

Cost: Free

Application Link: https://www.popticket.hk/en/event/what-is-your-way