(Hong Kong, 10 November 2023). Hong Kong’s beloved lifestyle and cultural destination, The Mills, celebrates its 5th anniversary with a series of exciting activities starting this November and December. Under the theme of “Weaving a Brighter Future”, we pay homage to the legacy and enduring spirit of Hong Kong’s textile heritage and its people, while making strides towards a brighter tomorrow.


Since its opening in 2018, The Mills has been a catalyst for diverse art and community events, igniting inspiration and fostering a new cultural fabric in the city. The 5th anniversary theme of “Weaving a Brighter Future” is symbolic of The Mills’ ambition to continue harnessing the synergy between start-ups, local businesses, and the wider community to spark meaningful interactions, interweaving culture, innovation, and creativity for boundless possibilities.


Vanessa Cheung, founder of The Mills said, “The Mills is more than just a pioneering revitalization project—with a unique human touch, The Mills breathes new life into the community, fostering social coheison and inspiring dialogues in the process. Over the past five years, we have forged countless meaningful connections with friends and guests from all walks of life, with The Mills’ evolving into a popular cultural and lifestyle hub well-loved by both locals and travellers from far and wide. As we celebrate our 5th anniversary with exciting happenings, we’d like to invite everyone to join us in “Weaving a Brighter Future” to continue co-creating uniquely Hong Kong narratives rooted in art, culture, and impact”.



Joy of life in the Autumn cool of November


Warmth and blessings await at The Mill’s November Art & Cultural Programme and The Sweet Carnival. Join us as we celebrate the simple joys that bring happiness.


CHAT’s Winter Programme 2023 (11 Nov-13 Feb)


One of The Mills’ three pillars – CHAT (The Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textiles) announced its Winter Programme for 2023, which includes an exhibition of the works of contemporary Thai artist Jakkai Siributr, whose artistic practice features embroidery and weaving. Titled Everybody Wanna Be Happy, the exhibition is the first display of Siributr’s artistry to take place outside of Thailand and covers two decades of work with hanging textiles and sculptural pieces, as well as a presentation of community initiatives conducted in Thailand and abroad. The exhibition promises a thought-provoking commentary on the pressing contemporary issues faced not only by Siributr’s home country, but across the globe.


The Sweet Green Carnival (18-19 Nov)


We all need a little sweetness in life every now and then. Riding on the success of our last Dessert Carnival, The Mills is delighted to present “The Sweet Green Carnival” on 18 and 19 November. The two-day carnival will gather 10 popular dessert shops and over 50 delectable desserts with a green twist—a truly meaningful intersection of culinary creativity and green living.


Among the participating stores are the IG-famous Grandma’s Scones, Happy Roller,  Bakerie.C, and more. Get ready to indulge and satisfy your sweet tooth at The Sweet Green Carnival! For a full shop list, please refer to Annex 2.


In Time of Fair (25-26 Nov & 16-17 Dec )


The Mills and Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation (SEED) will co-organise the “In Time Of Fair” on 25-26 November and 16-17 December. This festival aims to promote sustainable development and wellness by inviting local agriculture-related organizations, NGOs, social enterprises, and self-employed individuals specialising in craftsmanship, art, and culture to participate, serving as a platform to amplify their impact. By encouraging the purchase and consumption of local in-season products and supporting community recycling initiatives, The Mills aims to pave the way towards a low-carbon lifestyle rooted in sustainable practices and conscious consumption.


NF Touch Welcome Offer (9 Nov – 30 Nov)


Join NF Touch to celebrate The Mills’ 5th Anniversary! Register as a new member to receive latest updates and offers. Redeem with the special promo code^ to get triple perks from us. More details on our NF Touch 5th anniversary offer:



Redemption Period

NF Touch Welcome Offer^

1.   1500 NF Points

2.   100 NF Seeds

3.   WeWeave postcard set*

9 Nov – 30 Nov

^New members are required to enter the invitation code when signing up for an account to enjoy the special offers. (The promotion code: 2023MLSHI5)

* WeWeave postcard set can be redeemed at Concierge, G/F, The Mills.



WeWeave Cultural Festival (2-3 Dec)


Our 5th anniversary celebrations will continue on throughout December: celebrate The Mills’ birthday this year at the extra-special annual “WeWeave Cultural Festival”! Prepare to be blown away by an electrifying lineup of performances on 2 and 3 December. Cantopop fanatics are in for a special treat as The Mills has curated a range of popular acts spanning indie, rock, and lyrical genres, promising an unforgettable music extravaganza for local music enthusiasts!


Show your support for local musicians and grab your free tickets on 23 and 24 November. You can get them via NF Touch, Nan Fung Group’s loyalty program app. For more information on ticket redemption, be sure to check out The Mills’ social media platforms.


On 2 December, get ready to be captivated by “My Favourite Female Singer” Charmaine FONG, whose soulful performance perfectly captures the many facets of life. Joining her will be per se, the poetic duo with their sensual and gentle vocals for some warmth in the winter season. Immerse in the charisma and vocal prowess in the refreshing collaboration of Kendy Suen and Chiu Fung.


On 3 December, for a one-of-a-kind afternoon, join us as Zeno and J1M3  take the stage, all set to impress audiences with their uniquely modern sound. Singer-songwriter Ng Lam Fung Wilson  and his originals are back for another year to pluck at your heartstrings, the cherry on top being his mesmerising vocals. Brace yourself for the grand finale by R.O.O.T and 6 @RubberBand, radiating positive energy on the WeWeave stage to release all your stress through the power of rock!


Get ready to join us at The Mills for an extraordinary celebration of music, culture, and pure joy! For details on the music performances, please refer to Annex 3.


Family Fun! Outdoor Indigo-Dyeing (3 Dec)


Experience a delightful outdoor indigo dyeing experience with your family and pets! Making use of CHAT’s Japanese indigo fermentation vat, you’ll discover the art of Itajime shibori—a traditional Japanese technique involving folding, clamping, and dyeing. Unleash your creativity and craft your very own stunning, patterned bandana made from 100% cotton. The workshop will take place at The Deck, a spacious outdoor rooftop farm space where more indigo plants grow. Come spend a weekend learning art techniques while bonding with nature!


The Mills’ 5th Anniversary Souvenir (Dec)


The Mills is thrilled to unveil the limited-edition 5th Anniversary souvenirs. Joining forces with the renowned local sock brand, Pair Pair Full, The Mills has created an extraordinary sock collection inspired by the textile industry’s rich history. Featuring three different sock designs by the talented local illustrators Ar Yu and Venus, and designer Rosalie from Pair Pair Full, the imaginative illustrations are a vivid take on The Mills’ spirit, vision, and heritage. CHAT on the other hand has crafted vibrant and lively tote bags utilising upcycled fabric, skillfully blending sustainability with creativity by creating unique, limited-edition The Mills tote bags for everyday use.




The Mills X Pairpairfull Socks Collection

CHAT Upcycled Tote Bag



The Weaving Wall (Dec)


In December, don’t miss the artistic and highly Instagrammable highlight of the 5th anniversary celebration: the redesigned Weaving Wall. This captivating installation is a collaborative effort between author CHEN Hui, weaving artist Breakthrough Art Studio, and local illustrator Flyingpig. It beautifully captures the collective memories and imaginative spirit of the community. Immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind experience that seamlessly blends art, storytelling, and the vibrant heritage of Hong Kong’s textile industry. Details of the new “Weaving Wall” will be announced soon.


Giant Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree (Dec)


To round out the year, The Mills will transform the original materials of the former Wavy Weaving Wall into a magnificent eco-friendly Christmas tree and festive décor. By weaving new life into these materials, The Mills continues to embrace its long-standing tradition of blending art and sustainability to celebrate special occasions.


Don’t miss out on The Mills’ 5th anniversary festivities! For a full list of the upcoming 5th anniversary happenings at The Mills, please refer to Annex 1.


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For more information, please visit https://www.themills.com.hk/ or https://www.facebook.com/themillshk.

Download high-resolution image here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/5hubjkmdm684xc3u2w165/h?rlkey=426bf9yfj2a6dmh40znz1g7fo&dl=0



About The Mills

Opened in late 2018, The Mills is Nan Fung Group’s landmark revitalisation project which transformed its former textile factories into a new destination for heritage and innovation. A story of reinvention, The Mills is about preserving the best of Hong Kong’s past and combining it with the future to offer a new platform for inspiration and creativity. The Mills represents the movement ‘from textile to techstyle’, symbolising the transition from its heritage to innovation, from old to new.

The Mills is composed of three pillars:


Fabrica – A go-to solutions platform accelerating techstyle and agrifood tech innovations for sustainability

Shopfloor – A landmark for experiential retail, and an expression of Hong Kong’s evolving character

CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) – A non-profit arts centre with a focus in textile, that interweaves contemporary art, design and heritage.

SEWIT is the Group’s sustainable framework established in 2021. It pays homage to both the shared heritage and environment. The Five Pillars of SEWIT – Social Cohesion, Environment, Wellness, Innovation and Technology, form a patchwork planet and seedling that embeds our commitment to sustainable growth in people, communities, and the environment.


The three pillars of The Mills – Fabrica, Shopfloor and Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile (CHAT), interweave different innovative cultural experiences by adding green, pet-friendly, and community mindfulness elements.



Annex 1: Overview of 5th Anniversary activities at The Mills



CHAT’s Winter Programme 2023

Date: 11 November 2023 – 13 February 2024

Time: 11am – 7pm (Closed on Tuesdays, except public holidays)

Venue: CHAT 6, 2/F,  The Mills


The Sweet Green Carnival

Date: 18-19 November 2023 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 12nn – 7pm

Venue: 1/F, The Mills


In Time Of Fair

Date: 25-26 November 2023 & 16-17 December 2023 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 12nn – 6pm

Venue: 1/F, The Mills


The Weaving Wall


Date: December 2023 onwards

Venue: The Park, 3/F, The Mills


WeWeave Cultural Festival

Date: 2-3 December 2023 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 2pm – 5:30pm

Venue: Entrance of The Hall, G/F, The Mills


Family Fun!
Outdoor Indigo-Dyeing

Date: 3 December 2023 (Sunday)


Session 1: 1pm – 3:00pm

Session 2: 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Venue: The Deck, 2/F, The Mills

Ticket: 800 NF Point




Annex 2: The Sweet Green Carnival

Date: 18-19 November 2023 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 12nn to 7pm

Venue: 1/F, The Mills


Must-have item


Happy Roller

Pistachio x Original (Bamboo Charcoal Cake) Egg Roll


Grandma’s Scones

Scones and Puddings



Matcha Tart



Soy milk sliced mochi


The White Cake

Vegan Hojicha Mochi Tofu Cream Cake


Bien Caramélizé

Plant-based donuts


Solight Studio

Vegan Passion Fruit White Peach Cheese Mousse Cake


Sweets N Stories

Glutinous Rice Balls with Peanuts & Soy Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame Seeds (with

strawberries and Shine Muscat)


Bagel for Thought

Triple Ovaltine Crunchy Bagel



Vegan Pistachio Matcha Cake


Annex 3: WeWeave Cultural Festival





2 December 2023 (Saturday)



per se

G/F, The Mills



Kendy Suen X Chiu Fung


Charmaine Fong

3 December 2023 (Sunday)


Zeno X J1M3

G/F, The Mills



Ng Lam Fung Wilson


R.O.O.T X 6 @RubberBand



Music Units – 2 December 2023 (Saturday)


Music Units – 3 December 2023 (Sunday)




Annex 4: The Mills’ 5th Anniversary Offers and Souvenirs – Redemption

Souvenirs are available on a first-come-first-served basis.




Redemption Period


NF Touch member with a single purchase of HK$600 or above at The Mills


$20 E-cash Coupon x 5

 (Total $100)

1-31 Dec 2023


Concierge, G/F,

The Mills

NF Touch member with a single purchase of HK$1000 or above at The Mills

1 pair of socks from The Mills X Pairpairfull Socks Collection

(Random design)


1-31 Dec 2023


Concierge, G/F,

The Mills

NF Touch member with a single purchase of HK$1500 or above at The Mills

1 CHAT Upcycled Tote Bag

(Random design)


1-31 Dec 2023


Concierge, G/F,

The Mills