(Hong Kong,28 July 2021) In these trying times, The Kids Festival at The Mills is a true breath of fresh air for you and your kids.

Packed with activities to raise your children’s spirits and help them stay creative, the Bookyay sponsored festival includes everything from a Kids Market to “Jazz for Kids” and host of workshops and other exciting programmes.


Kids Take The Lead

In the Kids Market, children are encouraged to become entrepreneurs and lead the way with their creative ideas. With Craftmanship and Hand-made Games as the theme of the event, children are responsible for designing their own plans, deciding on unique products for the Market and running their own stalls. Let your kids take charge and show us what they can do in a fun, creative and encouraging environment.

Adventure missions into History

In this activity, kids guide their parents around The Mills by following a map with clues to complete different missions. Designed by “ohmykids”, an expert in building programs for kids to shine and experience new adventures, these challenges help kids learn history by experiencing it. Children can discover the history of The Mills and the growth and development of textile industry from the 1950s onward through fun, adventure-based games.


Parent-Child Yoga Experience

Today’s kids lead fast-paced, busy lives, with days constantly packed with endless homework and hectic after-school activities. Balancing this with mindful and holistic activities like yoga can be hugely satisfying for them. After all, most kids are natural yogis!

Kiki Lam and her experienced team of yoga instructors have created special “Family Yoga” sessions, imparting the wisdom of this ancient practice with relaxing music and breathing techniques that offer the whole family a dynamic experience and a deep sense of relaxation. A yoga mat will be provided to each parent and child pair.

Mastering Emotions Through Music
“Jazz for Kids” is an interactive concert that encourages children to feel and accept their own emotions. Jazz musicians use music to tell the story of Siu Kwai, who lives in a vivid and colourful reality, with his emotions often getting the better of him.

So how should Siu Kwai handle his strong feelings? How can Siu Kwai better process his thoughts and emotions?

By raising these questions, children learn to recognise and handle different emotions within a melodic musical experience that is full of laughter and interesting stories told by an experienced storyteller.

Transforming Recycled Materials into Eco-toys

“Eco Daddy” Norman hosts the “Eco Daddy DIY Workshops” in which children will learn to transform recycled materials into toys and household decorations. Kids will learn that being eco-friendly through DIY upcycling can be fun!

Unleashing your Child’s Talent for Art

The “Little Artist Workshop” allows your children to develop their thinking through artistic expression. Performance art therapy combines psychotherapy and the creative process to help emotional growth and recovery through non-verbal communication that includes visual arts, dance, movement, drama, music and creative writing. By producing art in this way, children learn to think positively and construct their own values.

In the “Little Tailor Workshop”, children can bring their own pair of old jeans and turn them into a denim apron. In the workshop, the instructor will cover design direction, provide basic accessories, and assist the kids in cutting and sewing. We believe that creative art and craftmanship are crucial to balancing our mind and body.

Kids Festival by The Mills

Date:14-29 Aug 2021