(Hong Kong27th October 2020) Lights Up is an architectural projection mapping project using images and music to create visually inspiring patterns of light and shade.


Organized by a group of local artists and hosted by the DAAIMUNG LAB, the first exposition of Lights Up will be at The Mills, the revitalized creative and cultural landmark that was once a textile mill. Designed around the theme of Weaving Tales, Lights Up will illustrate the story of weavers, the history of the textile industry, and an outlook for the future.


The Mills inspires a unique architectural story


Lights Up selected The Mills as the site for its first exposition for its history, memories, and exemplification of innovation and cultural imagination. The Mills offers an exceptional backdrop with its revitalized architecture contrasting new materials with the key elements of the building’s original design.


The Lights Up creative team identified four areas of The Mills on which to project their images to allow for the audience to fully appreciate the versatility and artistry of the projections. Seeing the projections on site will allow the audience to experience firsthand the journey of the buildings in a uniquely creative and imaginative way.


Weaving Tales reveals the history Hong Kong’s textile industry


The Lights Up team spent almost three years developing the Weaving Tales story, interviewing former textile workers in order to create a visually appealing light show that also successfully conveys the collective memories and emotions of the workers.


Weaving Tales includes images of textile dyeing machines and the stages of textile production to vividly illustrate the everyday scenes of the textile industry and the hard work of the weavers, paying tribute to the countless unsung heroes behind every textile product as well as the contributions of the workers.


To further showcase the evolution of the industry, the creative team has also incorporated the architectural and business transformations of the textile industry, including the original factory of Nan Fung Textiles, the Sham Shui Po Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar and the old squatter factories, who have all become modern textile laboratories.


The show ends with the creative team’s prospects for the development of the textile industry, leaving behind a beautifully positive view of the future and heartwarming inspiration for the next generation.



Lights Up | Architectural Projection Mapping in Historical Buildings is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region



The content of this programme does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


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Oliver Shing, Art Director of the DAAIMUNG


Oliver Shing graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently a Digital Image Designer, Multimedia Designer, Director, Guest Lecturer of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and a member of the Heteroglossia Theatre. Oliver has also actively participated in local arts and collaborated with different arts groups in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Dance Company, On & On Theatre Workshop, the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, the Hong Kong Arts Festival, the Wuji Ensemble, the City Contemporary Dance Company, and Theatre Ronin.


In recent years, Oliver has established his own multimedia studio, the DAAIMUNG, which participates in cross-over creations and experiments with innovative multimedia performances and styles. He has participated in the image design of many concerts and theme parks, including Joey Yung’s Pretty Crazy Concert Tour, Aaron Kwok’s de Aa Kode  World Tour Concert, Joey Yung’s My Secret Life 2017 concert, Kay Tse’s Missing Kay World Tour, Joey Yung and Hacken Lee’s Live in Las Vegas Concert and Khalil Fong’s Feel the Music Concert”.


Oliver’s recent designs include: the Hong Kong Dance Company’s Convergence and the City Contemporary Dance Company’s The Copybook of Life Challenges for an Apprentice Magician.


For more information on the DAAIMUNG, please visit: www.daaimung.com






About Lights Up | Architectural Projection Mapping in Historical Buildings 


DAAIMUNG LAB believes visuals are a connecting medium, going beyond illusions to blur reality. Architectural Projection Mapping is one of the forms that we love to apply. It is not only to go further than a simple projection of content matching a specific structure. To us, this is a form that walks into the city.

Through research and interviews, DAAIMUNG LAB explores the medium of Architectural Projection mapping using historical buildings as content, allowing us to engage with a building’s history and community.


About The Mills

The Mills is Nan Fung Group’s landmark revitalization project which transformed its former textile factories into a new destination for heritage and innovation. A story of reinvention, The Mills preserves the best of Hong Kong’s past and combines it with hopes for the future, to offer a new platform for inspiration and creativity. The Mills represents the evolution from textiles to techstyle, from heritage to innovation, from old to new.


The Mills is composed of 3 pillars:

  • Fabrica – a business incubator, fund and space/lab/store for techstyle startups and strategic partners – companies at the intersection of technology and style themillsfabrica.com
  • Shopfloor – experiential retail; an expression of Hong Kong’s evolving character themills.com.hk/en/
  • CHAT(Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) – a non-profit arts centre interweaving textile arts, history and science mill6chat.org




Programme Details:


Appendix 1:The Creative Team of Lights UpArchitectural Projection Mapping in Historical Buildings

Curator / Art Director / Projection Design |Oliver Shing

Projection Design |

Ho Ka-lun

Fan Chiu-tat

Henry Chiu

K Wong

Brian Kwok

Toby Fung

Ivo Hos (Czech)

Sound Design|Shum Chung-tat

Original Score|Wong Wai-yi

Audio Technical Support|HAHAHA Production

Research and Editor|Miu Law, Tse Pak-chai

Technical Director|Jit Lam

Producer | Kiwi Chan




Appendix 2:

Schedule of Lights Up Weaving Tales


Programme Date Time Venue/ Link
3D Projection Mapping Rehearsal


7 NOV 2020
7:30pm – 9:30pm The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan
*Due to the COVID-19, there will be no registration nor reservation for the 3D Projection Mapping Rehearsal of “Weaving Tale”. Visitors should follow the related regulations or the guidance from staff to maintain social distancing and to reduce gatherings.


Live Streaming 7 NOV 2020
10:00pm https://www.youtube.com/themillshk
Full Version Online Broadcast (with Chinese and English subtitles) + Interviews of the Creative Team and the highlights of making of 21 NOV 2020
8:00pm https://www.youtube.com/themillshk


For more information on the Lights UpArchitectural Projection mapping in Historical Buildings first stop at The Mills, please visit The Mills social media:





Appendix 3:

Lights UpArchitectural Projection mapping in Historical Buildings” at The Mills


Venue Image mock up Introduction
First Scene

4/F Fabrica Atrium


The first scene tells of the golden age of Hong Kong’s textile industry. The pinball machine is used as an artistic medium, shuttling the images of textiles, the weaver’s lives and the infusion of new immigrants in the 50s-60s around, while symbolising the transformation of the city and its architecture.


Second Scene



Using love stories of female mills workers as its theme, this scene showcases the daily lives of workers and the flourishing development of the textile industry with fascinating romantic tales. The factory didn’t just support the workers, it also helped to build many families and connected the entire community.


Third Scene


The Deck

The third scene starts with a colourful piece of cloth. Images of the textile dyeing machines and working processes vividly present the busy working scenes of the textile industry and the hard work of the weavers.


Forth Scene


The Deck


In the last scene, we are presented with the historic architectural transformations related to the textile industry. The show ends with the creative team’s prospects for the development of the textile industry, leaving behind a beautifully positive view of the future and heartwarming inspiration for the next generation.