(Hong Kong 16 Dec 2021) – As 2021 comes to an end, The Mills welcomes a truly Green Christmas with a Christmas ‘tree’ that doesn’t burden the earth. Teaming up with local artist Orange Terry, The Mills created this giant installation in its atrium by upcycling eye-catching blue and red denim swatches, in hopes of spreading an eco-friendly message.

Creating a Less Wasteful World
Ellie Leung, Marketing Director of The Mills said, “We were delighted to collaborate with Terry to bring these old, unused swatches back to life. Swatches, while an essential part of the textile manufacturing process, are hardly ever recycled because of inherent size and condition limitations. Creating this denim Christmas tree was a challenging yet fulfilling journey, and it propels us all to think about how we can recycle and upcycle almost anything to create a less wasteful, more sustainable, and greener world”.

An Endless Cycle of Life
Over the past year, Orange Terry collected and recycled denim swatches from various textile manufacturers in Hong Kong. After cleaning and sanitising each swatch, he cut and redesigned the swatches based on their unique textures and colours; the redesigned swatches are then brought together again in the form of a conceptual Christmas tree.

Following its rebirth as festive decor, the swatches will be utilised as raw materials for a post-Christmas workshop and transformed into beautiful fabric vases and card holders. This shows how, with creativity and imagination, there are no limits to the life cycle of seemingly unusable, disposable items.

Exclusive Christmas Dinner and Limited DIY Christmas Gift Kits
Surprise loved ones with a heartwarming, handmade do-it-yourself (DIY) gift for Christmas. Come along to our festive workshop at The Mills, hosted by ROOOT & Greentale, to create your own unique, sustainable Christmas wreath with materials handpicked from nature.

An equally fun alternative – you can also make your own Christmas decor from scratch with ROOOT & Greentale’s “Pinecone Christmas Tree DIY Kit” and “Mini Christmas Wreath DIY Kit”.

For those who prefer to buy their Christmas gifts, consider getting the Festive Blend Coffee by KOKO Coffee Roasters, or a Christmas-exlcusive, cinnamon-scented soy wax candle and snowball earrings from FM+, also available at The MIlls.

KOKO Coffee Roasters has also prepared a 4-course Christmas Menu for 2 to 4 persons priced at $428+ each and features Pan-Fried Foie Gras Toast, Scallop, Lobster Bisque, Australia M6 Wagyu Inside Skirt with Lobster Thermidor & Sea Bass, and New Zealand Lamb Chops with Profiterole Bianco for dessert.

Zero Waste Packaging-Free Christmas Shopping
At The Mills, we also advocate eco-conscious, sustainable shopping practices such as minimal, if not zero, packaging. We are thrilled to announce The Pimary Bulk Shop is now open at The Mills to help the community develop sustainable lifestyles, starting with their quality collection of eco-friendly products sourced from around the world. Local brands are also featured extensively in the store, including products from Yio Farm, Nokei Seinen, Slok Chocolate, Sweet Vegan, Breathing Tea, and the social enterprise Angelchild. Enjoy a merry ‘Green’ Christmas by shopping package-free.

Redeem Special-edition Souvenirs from The Mills
The Mills has designed a series of special-edition souvenirs such that everyone can relive and reminisce about The Mills experience anytime, anywhere. Visitors who spend specified amounts at The Mills, anytime from now until 31 December 2021, can redeem complimentary souvenirs by presenting a maximum of two same-day receipts. Exclusive souvenirs include specially designed The Mills A5 folders, WeWeave masking tapes, and The Mills tote bag. Souvenirs are available on a first-come, first-served basis and while stocks last.

Special-edition Souvenir Redemption Requirements
How to redeem:
• Spending of HKD400 or more at The Mills entitles the redemption of a specially designed The Mills A5 Folder.
• Spending of HKD600 or more at The Mills entitles the redemption of a specially designed set of three WeWeave Masking Tapes.
Spending of HKD800 or more at The Mills entitles the redemption of a specially designed The Mills Tote Bag.