The Mills is home to a large variety of local cultural and specialty shops, including carefully crafted artisan goods and upcycled lifestyle products that leave less of a carbon footprint today and more for our future generations. Whether you’re with your family, friends, or animal companions, here is the best for escaping from the busy Hong Kong life and stay for a while, where time seems to pass at a different speed.
Feel the natural sunlight caressing your skin as you slowly wander among The Mills, exploring the various local brands and specialty retail here. You will find a wide variety of specialty retail, including local handicraft brands and pet supplies that can’t be found elsewhere in Hong Kong. Whether you’re looking to discover gifts for someone dear to you or spend a day immersing in the unique atmosphere here, each visit to The Mills brings a new experience.
The Mills regularly hosts events throughout the year, including seasonal activities and limited promotions. If you wish to know more about upcoming changes to our shop listings and promotions, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest information.

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