《Color Your Passion》Exhibition


From a “barren desert” to a “cultural melting-pot”, Hong Kong as an international metropolis has become a place of cultural diversity. Nevertheless, there are still many hidden gems in the locals’ cultures, awaiting for you to explore. We, Modena Stationery cherish heritage and creativity. Through this exhibition, we would like to introduce three artists to you. Through their artistic angles, we hope we could all be more attentive to our daily lives. Every street, every corner shop, or every local person you encounter awaits a possible unexpected surprise. Color Your Passion” represents the anticipation of our dreams, and the passion for our lives. Despite the difficulty, we chase after our dreams and finally shine through it. These three girls paint what’s a part of their lives from their very own angles. Under their brushes, we can see a kaleidoscopic perspective of Hong Kong’s local cultures, being projected on their artworks. Modena Stationery hereby cordially invite all of you to join us towards our brilliant next page.

Time: 2-6pm
Venue: Modena, Shop 10
Please refer the details to the official social media platform: https://www.facebook.com/Modena.recharge.stationery/