Heart-Warming Stories @ The Mills

04.12.2022(Sun) 31.12.2022(Sat)
04.12.2022(Sun) 31.12.2022(Sat)

Small everyday moments are what make up our lives and finding beauty in them can be so rewarding.

Here, we share with you the heart-warming stories that took place at The Mills and hope you can see how special it is that you come visit us often and create new memories at The Mills.

Story #1

Get through it and we become stronger!

Over a hot summer weekend, The Salvation Army was collecting used items at their booth in The Mills. A little boy came, stood in front of the recycling box for a while, held the toys tight and was reluctant to let them go. The tear in his eyes told us everything.

Behind his back was his mother, who stood silently, neither urging nor disturbing. When the staff went to comfort the little boy, his mother gently said, “Sorry but please give him some more time to say goodbye. He will be fine.” A moment later, the boy put the toys one by one into the recycling box.

The boy’s donation was praiseworthy and we are also touched by the action of his mother. Although she was just standing behind him, her presence and patience were a silent encouragement to the child. She understood the valuable experience that her child must go through in order for him to grow.
You will never walk alone!

Ding Ding the Shepherd dog is a frequent visitor of The Mills. As an aged dog, he can only walk slowly, halting frequently.

To help Ding Ding practice walking more, his owner brought him to The Mills for a walk nearly every day. The spacious and pet-friendly location allows them to walk in their own pace.

After a year of training, Ding Ding can now walk on his own for a short distance, playing around at The Mills and picking his favourite snacks in the pet shops. Our pet-friendly environment gives Ding Ding a chance to regain strength and independence.

Sun or rain, Ding Ding and his owner still visit The Mills often to enjoy their happy afternoon walks together.

Story #3

Let me hold your hand next time when we meet

In the old days when The Mills was still functioning as a yarn mill, the company had a tradition of treating every worker with a bountiful meal on Chinese festive days.

For the first Mid-Autumn Festival after The Mills was revitalised, The Mills team revisited this tradition.  A “Poon Choi” party was held and over 100 ex-workers and their families were invited.

This is a generation that do not do video calls, do not type with emojis, and do not have FB. What connects them is a phone call or a festive occasion that brings everyone together. With such a fast pace of life nowadays, things have changed and many connections are lost.

On the day of the party, we witnessed the joyful reunion of 2 ex-workers that have not seen each other in decades. Though they may not be good at expressing their emotions, we noticed that they were still holding each others’ hand for minutes after exchanging casual greetings. Sometimes true friendship and connection does not require us to be in constant communication with each other.